Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita Original Skin Blush +

This is seriously one of my favorite items of the moment. Rouge Bunny Rouge is a line I've been recently getting into, and the couple of items I do own I really like, as seen here. I recently acquired Florita blush in the mail. I'm seriously in lust with this color. Ok onto the specifics:

Size and packaging: 3.5 grams or .0123 oz. It comes in a sleek black compact with a mirror built inside. The blush itself has flowers embossed into the blush. The same pattern is seen on top of the compact, which is a really pretty feminine touch. It's not flimsy packaging and when you close it, it snaps in. I know it sounds silly, but I am less inclined to use something if it's crappy packaging. 

Texture and formula:
It's so finely milled, it feels like really creamy powder (which I've come to really like), creamier than La Mer's translucent powder. It goes on so smoothly on your face. This particular blush has very fine silver sparkle that isn't over the top. The lasting power is average for a blush, which is nice. When applied, it goes on evenly, no fuss application and it's easy to sheer out. The formula in of itself seems like someone with dry skin would really appreciate because it just melts onto your skin.

Where to buy?: Zuneta.

Onto the photos :) 

From left to right:

Shu RD P 19 d
Rouge Bunny Rouge Florita
NARS crazed
Edward Bess Moroccan Rose

*Moroccan Rose is more mauve than Florita, and Crazed has a micro sparkle that the camera didn't pick up.

Is this worth having?: Yes, the formula in of itself is worth having, and it's just a gorgeous red/berry shade. As you can see, I am a sucker for these kinds of colors. :)


  1. Oh, super pretty. I like that you said it's finely milled. I hate rough stuff that doesn't go on smooth.

  2. Thanks @ Laura

    @Miranda: I try to describe the main features in terms of what makes a product stand out (whether great...or not so great). Thank you for your response.

    If you have any feedback (what I should review -- brands or what else I should mention in my reviews) for me or the blog, please feel free to email me at: the.panties@gmail.com

  3. If you had to make a choice between RBR Florita and Edward Bess Moroccan Rose, which would you go for? Both look so gorgeous, I am having a hard time choosing!

    1. i'd pick florita just because its a true raspberry, whereas Moroccan Rose is a bit more purple in undertone. I'm a sucker for raspberry colors.