Tuesday, March 29, 2011

By Terry Blush Veloute in Ginger Glaze (#3) +

It has been a while since I've reviewed a blush, or even By Terry for that matter. I've been wanting to buy Apple Glow, but my local counter was sold out :( So I decided to try out the other shades. Ginger glaze wasn't a color that I thought "it's GORGEOUS", but my go to person sold me on it when she applied it on my cheeks. 

Size and packaging: 3 grams or 0.1 oz. Pretty straight forward packaging: gold, screw top packaging. 

Formula and texture: It's like a whipped, almost a mousse like texture when you slide it against your fingers. It easily glides onto your fingers and onto your cheeks. I much prefer these to Bobbi Brown pot rouges because the texture is so much nicer. The finish is satin-matte and it doesn't dry down to a powder finish. Basically you apply it onto your cheeks with your fingers and after several seconds, it sets. The biggest surprise about this blush is that it doesn't move. I didn't think it would last a long time on my face because of the mousse like texture. When it dries down, it doesn't look flat at all, but it does give a nice subtle radiance (no glitter/sparkle, I swear). :)

Scent: it does have the slight signature By Terry rose scent.

The color in of itself looks boring, yet borderline ugly when I saw it in the pot. Yet, when applied, it's glorious golden radiance :D
Onto the photos :D

Top to bottom: 

Ginger Glaze swatched heavily, so you can see how it builds up (for those with darker skintones)

Armani Blushing Fabric #3

By Terry Ginger Glaze sheerly applied.

Is this worth having?: I'm unsure as to how it would look if you're really pale, but it's definitely a color for medium to darker skintones. Keep in mind that my inner arm is around NC20. I like it a lot since it gives my cheeks a nice golden sheen :)


  1. that is actually a really gorgeous color! i love by terry but i just can't do that scent. it makes my allergies go crazy, which is such a bummer. so for now i will stick with their eye products. thanks again for an amazing review!


  2. that sucks hard. :( it's how i feel towards YSL products, especially their lip stuff, as it makes me nauseous and gives me a migraine. thank you for your response. :D

  3. omg me too with the ysl. i am so in love with their lip glosses but i just can't do it. headache, runny nose and eyes. why must they do that to us?!!
    and no..... thank you!!

  4. i'm so sorry ;( at least in my case i'm not a fan of YSL stuff, so it's not a loss to me in any way.

    *hugs you* there are other options out there :)