Sunday, June 5, 2011

By Terry Apple Glow (#1) Blush Veloute +

So as of late I've been rocking out the cream blushes. I don't get it either, because it's summertime and cream stuff just slides off my face. Yea, having combo skin is not a good look sometimes. So anyway, one of the colors I've been using is By Terry Apple Glow. I reviewed Ginger Glaze (#3) and as much as I adore Ginger Glaze, I'm all about the pinks for the moment. 

Formula and texture: Yours truly is a bit of a picky chick in terms of how something feels on my hand, or more in between my fingers (yea, that's what she said too). It's like a whipped, almost a mousse like feel. I'm all about how awesome it feels. The finish is satin-matte, but it doesn't look like a blob of ugly flat color on your cheeks, it gives a very subtle fresh flush look. You know that look on your face when you're a little too excited *wink*. It's a nice warm mid tone pink with some red in it? Maybe a better description is a natural strawberry pink. Uhm, it's not a loud color that you'd look like a clown. Trust me. Ok, so you would think that this stuff since it's a cream, that it wouldn't last long on your face. . . which brings me to . . .

Longevity: So I rocked it out in the 90 degree heat, with tinted moisturizer with no foundation primer. I really wanted to see how this stuff measures up in the heat, because if it lasts well in the heat on my skin, then's a keeper. So I wore it and I was sweating outside. You know that heat where you can't even breathe from the humidity?  I felt like I was going to collapse. Anyway, so how long did this stuff last? 7 hours and it was some fading. I didn't think it was too bad at all, given my skintype and heat. Plus had I worn foundation primer, it would have lasted easily another 4 hours, assuming it's still hot outside.

Size and packaging: 3 grams or 0.1 oz. Pretty straight forward packaging: gold, screw top packaging.

Scent: it's definitely scented with By Terrys signature rose and it has a slight baby powder scent mixed in. I feel like the scent isn't as strong the more you open the lid, or maybe I'm just used to the fragrance.

Price: $43

Onto the photosssss !!
so if you zoom in, you see random sparkles. forgive me, i was dipping my glittery hands in it. this stuff has no glitter in it at all.
Left to right:

Armani Blushing Fabric #1
By Terry Apple Glow
Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline


  1. Dang, this is expensive but clearly worth it (in my opinion). It's similar (a slightly darker version) to Rouge Bunny Rouge Orpheline. Very pretty!

    (And lol at your that's what she said comment.)

  2. yep its similar color wise, but cream blushes are always more natural looking (imo).

  3. Pretty swatches! This is by far the most expensive blush I've heard of. Wow.


  4. By Terrys powder blushes are like $70. not worth it because the pigmentation and payoff sucks. By Terry is definitely a high end brand.

  5. that is gorgeous. I love cream blush.