Monday, June 27, 2011

Shu Uemura Stage Performer Instant-Glow +

An area I normally don't explore too much when it comes to makeup are face/foundation primers. One of the reasons is probably because my first experience with a foundation primer, my skin burned (thank you, Bobbi Brown Face Base). Then when I had purchased Water Canvas foundation, I bought the accompanying primer. I've used the primer quite a lot since it did its job. I mean, it made my foundation last longer but I wasn't wowed by it. But given my inexperience with primers, I didn't know what to really expect from one. 

So a while back I bought Stage Performer and I liked it, but I didn't use it for that long because my mom stole mine >:(. It's funny because my mom tends to steal my most expensive or hard to find stuff. 

Moving along...a bit about Stage Performer and its overall purpose (courtesy of the Shu Uemura website):

stage-inspired multi-functional beauty cream to enhance makeup finish and deliver a natural glow. contains Ginkgo Leaf extract to fight oxidation. instantly, skin appears more luminous, translucent and smooth. provides 24-hour lasting moisture.

 To see a video, check it out here.

Texture and Formula: It definitely feels like a's not a gel cream, if that's what you're wondering. I like this cream because isn't sticky or heavy for my combination skin. The cream itself is white, but when you look at it up close it has like little grey specs in it. So don't think your Stage Performer is rancid when you squeeze some out. The formula isn't heavy on your face at all, which is pretty cool because when I first dispensed it, I didn't think it would go well with my skintype. I can say dry skin types will love this stuff since it gives your skin moisture. 

What does it really do for me: I can wear Stage Performer as a nice cream by itself and it gives my face a nice radiance. So for those of you who have skin that needs a little extra pep in its step, this is really something to consider. Under foundation, especially my non-luminous ones, it gives it a tiny bit of luminosity that doesn't look over the top. As for longevity, it does make my foundation last longer, but the main premise of this product is for the luminosity and moisture. 

I'm sure there are some people who are asking, how does this compare to MACs strobe cream/liquid? they both have the same premise of working underneath your foundation to give your face a nice glow, but Strobe Cream is definitely something that can be a little too over the top. Over the top in the sense of the "shine" where sometimes it doesn't look natural. I love Strobe Cream when I'm wearing a heavier foundation when I go out at night, but it's not something I personally would use for the daytime. Plus Stage Performer is a moisturizer, whereas Strobe Cream is just an illuminator.

The biggest thing about this is how it makes my face look in photos. It totally makes your skin look soft and radiant, even under heavy flash. I love the look and effect it gives, so delish. There's nothing better than to have a primer that just makes your face look so lush <3

Price and Size: $50, 1.6 oz

Is it worth the $: I think it's something to consider moreso for the fall/winter when our skin gets a bit drier and need a nice cream/primer in one. I actually even like it for now, even though it's the summer because it's not that heavy of a cream, but it's definitely moisturizing. For those of you who like a soft natural radiance but don't have the time to apply highlighters, just putting this in your bag and applying it on the go is definitely a time saver. For those of you who own a foundation that just makes your face look blah, this will definitely give the foundation some radiance and not make your face look flat.

Ingredients list.

 A bit of Stage Performer on my hand

The bottom of my hand has Stage Performer, the top doesn't. 

Bottom/left has Stage Performer

Top/right has nothing on.


  1. That's really beautiful. And subtle. I am not really a primer fan (I don't want to add another step to my morning routine), but to add such a lovely glow to the skin would be nice.

    Vincent Longo's was the first primer I'd ever seen, and I did use it. I agree it did the job without balling up, but I didn't repurchase it because I found his Water Canvas applied to my skin just fine without the primer.

    The Shu looks like it contains no sunscreen. If it did, it could take the place of moisturizer and sunscreen and SAVE a step!

    Great review, thanks.

  2. it doesnt have a sunscreen (in my opinion) because the main premise for this primer/base is to be used for heavy cameras/lighting/professional photographs. sunscreen tends to make your face look blurry/scary white cast.

    i'm not one for moisturizer/sunscreens in one to be honest, just because the best sunscreens i've found for myself are just sunscreens (my HG is skinceuticals physical defense SPF 50).

  3. That is a really gorgeous finish! I really need to find a new primer for summer. I don't like silicone primers but I'd found one that I actually really liked and have been using for months but now that summer has arrived I'm finding it greasy. I do have dry skin so I don't want something too drying but I definitely do not want greasy!

  4. It does have dimethicone in it, I like it a lot & it's not a pure silicone primer