Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rouge Bunny Rouge Velvet Fritillary Long-Lasting Cream Shadow +

I know there must be some of you who must be tired of my blog...after all...over 90% of my posts are lip stuff. 

So for you girls who are all about the eyes, I'm sure you're all interested in Velvet Fritillary ! :D 

Packaging: It comes in the signature Rouge Bunny Rouge sleek, black packaging. Pretty straightforward, but part of me wishes I can see how much is left with the cream eyeshadow formula. No big deal, but you know what I mean. It's like a lipgloss in the sense you unscrew the top and the applicator is a doe foot.

Texture and formula: This stuff is really creamy. It's a thin (but not runny) formula. It's wonderful for those who have really dry eyes and feel like eyeshadow primers can be drying or just not the right consistency. Velvet Fritillary is grey, but it has an interesting greenish cast/undertone. So the finish is a bit hard to explain:  It's matte from a distance, but if you look REALLY up close, there's a super tiny shimmer. Like super tiny, like almost non-existent. So to me, let's just say it's matte, but it's not a flat matte. I like it because a lot of the cream eyeshadows tend to be very shimmery or sparkly. I'm always one for more options when it comes to finishes in all makeup products.

Longevity: so this is an interesting one...without any other primer, as in just by itself...9 hours and minimal fading. That's not bad at all for something that's a cream texture on my semi-oily eyelids. I'm sure this over my NARS eyeshadow primer, it would last eons. 

Size and price:
0.135 fluid ounces, or 4mL. The price is approximately $66 (conversion from GBP to USD). 

Is it worth having?: I think the color in of itself is unique, but the tube is very small. So I can understand why some people won't buy it. For those who want a serious splurge, I don't see why not.

Onto the photos ! 

A standard Bic pen

Velvet Fritillary eyeshadow

A MAC pigment 

this was taken so you can see the size reference.

Velvet Fritillary applicator

A closeup so you can see the color.

Left to right:

MAC Sweet Sienna

Rouge Bunny Rouge Velvet Fritillary

Rouge Bunny Rouge Solstice Halcyon


  1. Very pretty. I am moderately disappointed in RBR Atlas Swallowtail, only because it is a warm golden brown. Velvet F looked very much like a greyed khaki, which might look more interesting on my eyes. And, yeah, crazy small for 40 smackers, but we want what we want. Thanks for the review!

  2. That is sooo creamy and pigmented. Wow!

  3. Beautiful color but yikes on the price! 9 hours is great without a primer for a cream shadow!

  4. It's very pretty! I can't wait until mine arrives. Nine hour wear is terrific!

  5. I get MUCH longer wear from by Terry cream eyeshadows. By Terrys are my HG cream eyeshadow. I get longer wear from Armanis, but they require a separate brush.

    The standout about this item is the color for me IMHO.

  6. Thanks for the By Terry rec. Any colors you particularly like? Thanks

  7. Misty rock and bronze moon. Swatches seen here:

  8. The texture of that cream shadow looks super smooth and pigmented! I'm getting more and more intrigued by this brand! :) <33 xxx

  9. I have that one coming in my current order. I can't wait since the color looks gorgeous. By Terry is even better? Oh no!

  10. By Terrys cream eyeshadows are magical. Magical doesn't even describe it. Misty rock and bronze moon ftw.

    I guess one of my next reviews will be bronze moon. :D