Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vincent Longo Water Canvas foundation +

Ok, as I was organizing my makeup storage, I totally found my Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation :D

This is the foundation I was wearing throughout the summer. Let's discuss how awesome this item is!

It's in a compact, cream to powder form, photo friendly, and the coverage I must say, is the most adjustable foundation I've come across. It can be light coverage, yet buildable to almost full without looking cakey or odd. It doesn't look like powder when applied, either. You and I both know when it's summertime, matte foundations take a backseat and we all tend to go for foundations that are more on the luminous side, or very natural looking.

The texture: when you touch it, it feels very sponge-y. It's a little odd when I first felt it, because I'm accustomed to liquid foundations.

Finish: it's like your skin, it can be light coverage for those super hot days in the summer. This stuff, DOES NOT BUDGE. AT ALL. I wore this on a day that was over 100 degrees with insane humidity and it didn't move. I was sweating in the scorching sun beating down on my face, walking down the streets of New York City and this stuff, even without primer, didn't come off.

I wore this at night and layered it and man I looked AMAZING in photos.

Application: I use Sonia Kashuk's synthetic Flat Top Blusher brush. This foundation can be applied wet (to sheer it out) or dry. For me personally, I prefer to apply it dry to give a bit more coverage.

This foundation is what I had imagined Makeup Forever Face and Body was supposed to be. This foundation, and I hate to say it...didn't cover anything on my face, and it came off within moments. This foundation, ladies and gentlemen, is at best mediocre.

Pros: great color selection, a friend of mine who is like NC43 got matched, but I forgot her specific shade. It's water based so if you're sensitive to a lot of foundations due to random ingredients, give this a try.

Downside: if you don't keep it sealed in the compact, it is water based, so it can and may evaporate. Price? 57 for the actual foundation, 16.50 for the compact that it comes in.

I know a few MAs that use this foundation for photoshoots and they adore this stuff. I can't blame them. This is probably one of the most underrated products I've come across. 

Here's a swatch: 

From Left to Right:

Chantecaille Future Skin in Vanilla

Vincent Longo Water Canvas

By Terry Lumiere Veloutee in Beige Naturel

crap, I forgot what shade I am... I'll edit this post when I go to spaceNK to figure out my shade. I want to say it's Soft Beige.

Is this HG? Yes, it is. It's my summer foundation. :) Well, I do have Peau de Vierge when I want to look luminous, but Water Canvas is a brilliant foundation.

Where it's sold? Vincent Longo online, SpaceNK.


  1. you have not update yr foundation color!

  2. eeek you're right. im really sorry. for that i purposely put my WC foundation in my purse so when i go to spaceNK thats the first question i'll ask. i keep forgetting D; im so so so sorry ;(

  3. lol actually i am having problems with my VL too because I think i tried Bisque, soft beige , cream beige before for this range.. but i cannot remember which one is ok for me! and i am using Porcelain for the liquid canvas! the worse part is i am not in USA n the store here already been removed long time ago... so i cannot do any swap. :( I have the VL coupon but not sure if it expired. shall go n dig it out n post it again....