Friday, June 10, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Écumes D'or Lip Kaleidoscope (Part I) +

Hi all !

Guess what I just got? :)

The Lip Kaleidoscope that Dustin made for this summer :)

Colors: The top color (Soft Dew) is a sheer warm pink. On my lips it didn't really show up except for a subtle shimmer. Morning Light is a bright yellow in the pan and I'll be honest, it looked freaking scary when swatched on my arm. On the lips it's a amazing golden sheen (but not a gross sheen, but an awesome warmth to the lips). Then we have Deep Sea, which is a sheer lavender/purple. The bottom layer is Calm Phoenix which is an amazing strawberry pink. I wish Calm Phoenix was a lip creme in of itself. *sigh* I can dream.

Texture and Formula: they're a thin, nonsticky formula. They're slightly creamier than the other Lip Kaleidoscopes that I've tried (Red Rapture).  You must a lipbrush with these because a small amount is needed, because it's pure pigment. This particular kaleidoscope lasted about 3 hours of wear with slight fading. When you rub your lips and you feel like the color has faded, actually the formula wears down to a soft stain. In my case it wears off into a soft gold stain.

Size: .49 fL oz.

Nikki (Dustin's partner in crime) applied the colors from bottom (Calm Phoenix first) working up to the top. OMG. the effect of all the colors layered is BEAUTIFUL. it's a soft peach with a rose mixed with a soft bronze undertone with a soft shimmer and sheen. I think it's the soft sheen without being over the top is what makes it stand out, aside from the complexity of the colors combined together.

Onto the photos: 

I did receive this kaleidoscope for reviewing purposes from the Le Metier de Beaute PR team. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me the opportunity to see it first hand. :) I really do adore it because it's subtle but it definitely has a soft sheen and it's definitely pigmented, but not over the top. It's a perfect warm, but not TOO warm lip combo for summer. 

It will only be sold at Bergdorf Goodman, and it's in time for their Beauty Bag event which I *think* starts Monday. You spend $200 and you'll get a cute  black sequin bag filled with samples.

I *think* the Lip Kaleidoscope is supposed to be in this upcoming Monday, so if you're interested, call: 212-872-8612. There will be a Part II since I'm in the middle of errands and I'm supposed to be asleep :( eeeek !

-the black panties


  1. FANTASTIC!!! I wouldn't expect any less from Dustin and Le Metier de Beaute!

  2. So so pretty, I love how the colours look slightly bizarre on their own but then turn into something wonderful and unexpected when layered. You lucky thing to have it already! x

  3. Wow! That gold really will look beautiful layered over lipsticks as well!

  4. gorgeous! cant wait to see them layered

  5. I'm glad you guys like it. Above all thank you for the responses and for reading my blog