Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ellis Faas Skin Veil Foundation +

As of late I've been wanting to rave about a foundation that I just ADORE. 

Packaging: There are 2 packaging options for this foundation -- one being the signature Ellis Faas bullet pen, which is nice for those who travel. Now there's a relatively new design, which comes in a pump bottle. I originally had the bullet pen form, but when I saw the foundation bottle at SpaceNK, I asked the girls to exchange it for me, and did so without question. 

Bullet pen form: It comes with two cartridges. The major pro for this is that you can carry it with you everywhere. For a New Yorker like me who is always randomly sleeping at other people's houses (ok, get your heads out of the gutter LOL), it's great to have to apply your foundation first thing in the morning. I'm not a big fan of the brush applicator, because I don't use it to apply my foundation directly. As for my personal stash in a logistical stance, the bullet is very tall and for you who like to have your tubes standing vertically, it may not fit in your makeup drawer.

I prefer the bottle for a couple reasons:

1. You can see how much is left, and the pump nozzle is just great. The pump isn't flimsy at all. One pump is probably sufficient for most people for the whole face. The best part about the pump itself is that you can have some control of how far down you can push the pump itself, so you can do 1.5 pumps like myself for the face. It does take some arm strength to control the pump, but I consider it a good exercise.

2. I adore the slightly frosted glass bottle in of itself. The minimalist packaging reminds me of my very first foundation: Shu Uemura Water Perfect foundation.

The packaging for the foundation jar is so solid. The one thing I can forsee (for me personally) is that I can see myself breaking the clear top, but I am a bit aggressive with my makeup. Not a big deal, though.

Coverage and Finish: This is the best part of the foundation -- it's medium, satin-luminous finish. It's beautiful. Imagine Chantecaille Future Skin, but ever so slightly more luminous. The finish looks like your face is well rested, like you had 20 hours of sleep after a nice hydrating mask. It blurs out my pores (yes, even without primer) my skin looks like porcelain. It's my personal bottle of Photoshop. There's no micro glitter. David uses this for weddings because it's photo friendly. The actual formula itself isn't runny, but it isn't as thick, as Future Skin. It's what magic and dreams are made of. I don't need a primer with this foundation. It lasts on your skin for many hours on its own (12 hours to be exact). cue in the angels and parting skies with unicorns flying around your face. 

FYI: people who saw and knew who I was at Fashion Night Out with Oscar de la Renta -- this is the foundation I was wearing. :) 

Shade?: 103 is me and I'm NC25-30.

SPF?: Yes, SPF 15. read on to see the list of ingredients.

Bonus: This stuff doesn't budge in over 100 degree heat. I don't know how it will fare for people who are combo/oily - oily, but it's something to look into. It's unscented for those who are sensitive to fragrance. Plus the formula doesn't accentuate my skin flakies (skin is crazy peeling from a glycolic treatment I'm doing on myself).

Price and size:
$65 for the pen form for 14 mL or 0.47 oz. The bottle is $90 for 30ml or 1.01 oz.

Where it's sold: SpaceNK, and recently some of Ellis Faas is sold at Sephora (online), but on Sephora's site I don't see the foundation or concealer, maybe that will change hopefully soon.

FYI nails: Rescue Beauty Lounge Piu Mosso :)

L to R: S103, By Terry Lumiere Veloutee #3 (Natural Beige), Chante Future Skin in Nude (no flash)

L to R: S103, By Terry Lumiere Veloutee #3 (Natural Beige), Chante Future Skin in Nude (flash)

list of ingredients


  1. This is my favourite foundation! Love it for all the reasons you mention above. Photographs really well too! :)

  2. i mentioned how it's photo friendly under coverage and finish :D it's wonderful stuff <3

  3. I have this in the pen form and hate the pen but love the product. Great colour for me and just the right amount of coverage and finish. I'll definitely repurchase the pump version when I run out x

  4. Ooh, this sounds great! Hopefully Sephora starts to carry it :)

  5. Bottle of Photoshop? Sounds amazing, got to check it out!