Monday, September 26, 2011

Suqqu Face Color Palette (EX-01) +

Part of Suqqu Fall 2011's collection also consisted of a face palette, which is a combination of a face and cheek colors. 

Packaging: It comes in a sleek black rectangular box. Inside if you open it, there's the palette with the blush/highlighter with a mirror. What's cool is that behind the mirror, there's 2 brushes. Most palettes from other brands, their applicators are indeed useless. You know what I mean, the scratchy blush brush, the sponge eyeshadow applicator. Anyway, the Suqqu brushes are so soft and they are useable. The downside is that the brush isn't stiff enough to pick up as much color as I'd like personally. I'd use a brush like this for more pigmented colors so that the color won't be so intense on my face.

Texture: the formula is the signature buttery goodness, that it feels like a cream when you touch it with your finger. It's nice to know that Suqqu is consistent with their powder formulas, that it's smooth and so blendable. Pretty straight forward. 


Face colors: Starting from the left, it's a very mid tone soft brown, alone it almost disappears into my skin. I'd use this color to warm up my eyelids as a base for my eyeshadow. Then you have a light beige which is a nice soft highlight, but it's barely there. I'd use this more for my browbone (matte browbone highlight) if I'm doing a strong eye. Then we have a light pink highlight which looks chalky in photos, but on my cheeks it's AWESOME. it's a soft baby pink with subtle sparkle, which is what I would use to highlight my cheekbones. The three colors mixed together it's like the color of my skintone with a subtle shimmer. Even if I'm doing a strong eye and (or) a strong lip, the face colors mixed together are still too subtle to show up on my cheeks. 

The face colors are underwhelming for someone of my skintone, since I have nicer cheek powder highlighters in my stash (Champagne Silk from Le Metier de Beaute and Oscar de la Renta). I feel like the Suqqu palette was designed for someone who is NC25 and lighter. Individually I can use the colors for specific things, but mixed together I am a bit disappointed at how it shows up on my skin.

Cheek colors: the narrow strip is a cute strawberry blush color with some sparkle, and the last (far right) slightly warmer and it has no sparkle. I adore the colors myself, and mixed together the colors are lovely. These colors are the definite winner out of the palette.

Price and Size:  I paid 49 GBP.  Size is 0.43 oz or 12.4 grams.

Is it worth the money?: I like the palette itself, but do I LOVE it? No. I do see myself using the colors, but it's not something I'm that crazy about to use all the time. As for someone who is around my skintone or darker? No. It's definitely a bit sheer. I do think it's worth the money if you're like NC15.

Photos below: 

Face Palette from Left to Right.


  1. Hello, great description and this palette looks beautiful! Do you know of any place to buy this palette? I heard that it sold out on the Suqqu site quickly but I wasn't sure if you knew of any other places to get it.

  2. Hi my name is Fiona I been following your blog since last year and I really love your products review and swatches! Im a big fan of SUQQU TOO! =D especially the eyeshadows and blushes im so obsessed with them =D recently im intersted in the winter limited edition face color palette 2011 but unfortunately its no longer available online. and im just wondering if you have intention to sell? if you want to sell any SUQQU products please let me know my email is <3