Thursday, September 27, 2012

Burberry Lip Velvet in Pink Azalea +

I know some of us have been waiting for the new Burberry Lip Velvet reviews...and I've have a few in my possession over the past few days. Here's my first review on Pink Azalea.

Packaging: Burberry has the same design of the lipstick tube, but a major difference -- the cover is a darker grey and it has a matte finish. I love the appearance of the matte tube, but I still dislike the bulkiness, Burberry checkered pattern.

Formula: definitely long lasting, and have a silicone like slip when you first apply it. Over time you do feel that the formula sinks into your lips and the slip fades as well. It feels a bit odd in the sense that that it feels drying. I'll get used to the feeling I think. In the end, my lips didn't feel/are drier, though. But, if you find Armani Rouge d'Armani lipsticks drying, then you may find these drying too. Test them out just to make sure. They do have the signature fig scent like other Burberry lipsticks (by the way).

It appears velvet in finish at first, then fades into a matte finish. It's definitely not a flat matte either. 

Longevity: I did a few test runs with Azalea Rose and day 1 it lasted me 6 hours with significant fading. During that time I ate two meals, three beverages, did a lot of speaking. One of the meals had a lot of oil and grease (yay junk food) and the lipstick didn't slide off. 

With a greasy meal, the lipstick vibrancy stayed the same, and there is some transfer on a straw (drinking iced tea).

Day two with just speaking, no food: almost 8 hours.

The lipstick does fade evenly over a bit of time, which is really nice. I can say that after hour 5, it fades off unevenly a bit. No flaking either.

some thoughts: A few months back, a Burberry associate compared these to the Shu mattes (from years ago). They're completely not the same. I prefer the Shu since it doesn't have that bizarre cling feeling, and the Shu lipsticks faded over time a bit better over the Burberry.

I do like them, but for some reason I'm not floored or as excited as I once was over them. The best part is that they're not drying and do last a bit. Sure, I'll buy a couple of more shades since I like a matte finish, but I'm sure in the future someone will hopefully create more matte lipsticks.

Price and size: $30 for 3.5g or 0.12 oz


Pink Azalea

L to R: Pink Azalea, By Terry Bare Instinct, GA 513 (no flash, most color accurate) 
L to R: Pink Azalea, By Terry Bare Instinct, GA 513 (taken with flash to see the difference in finish)


  1. love your in depth reviews, Panties! My fave Burberry SA called me to check these out. I think I will go for a test drive. The Pink Azalea color looks very pretty.

  2. By Terry and GA seem to kick its butt.

  3. Brilliant review as always Miss Panties!!! xoxo
    Do you think Pink Azalea over Bright Plum lip pencil will recreate a colour similar to the promo pics? Or is there just too much photoshop? LOL!
    I am waiting for my counter to get the testers in so I can play with Pink Azalea.
    I am however pondering Redwood as my third Lip Velvet acquisition.

  4. When I bought pink azalea, I had no idea that was the lip color from the promo photo. It looks similar on me, except less purple. With a purple lip liner it will look pretty dead on. Of course I think it may vary with skintone/natural lip color

  5. This shade looks more burgundy in their ad's, or maybe they used a pencil under it. I will have to test these and compare them to my favorites matte's. :)

  6. In the ad they paired it with plum lip liner. Bright poppy may be a closer dupe if you don't want to buy / use the lip liner

  7. Would you recommend the Pink Azalea or the GA 513, since they are similar, if you had to pick just one? I am NW20, very dark brown hair and eyes. I tried on the GA 513 and liked it, but I have no access to a Burberry counter, would have to order online at Nordstroms. I really like the promo pic color though, but not sure if it would look that way.

    1. i prefer the formula and color of 513 personally.