Sunday, September 30, 2012

Burberry Copper Lip Mist

This post is dedicated to Sethakins7. We had a conversation about nude lip colors, since that's what he likes, whereas I barely own any. Well I own a couple, but they're pinky nudes. 

Since his aesthetic is wearing less pink, but more nude...I suggested Burberry Copper lip mist. Copper is one of those shades that I kept trying out at the counter and enjoyed, but never purchased for a long time since there were other items I bought instead. I even had a few testers that lasted me a while. 

Finally I got the full size lipstick, and so it goes...

Packaging: standard Burberry packaging, pewter, bulky, checkered pattern. Not much else to say. 

Formula: lip mists are really balmy, light weight, and moisturizing on the lips. If you like Guerlain Rouge Automatiques, or Chantecaille lip chics, or even Cle de Peau lipsticks, then you'll definitely like lip mists. They're not really sheer in opacity, but have a nice sheen (no glitter). Copper in comparison to the couple of other lip mists feels even more balmy. The downside that I find a bit of a pet peeve is constantly reapplying, but that's to be expected from a non matte or long lasting lipstick. 

Color: it looks like a peach shade on some people (there's a few reviews out there on Copper). If you have pigmented lips, the color comes out more neutral than a strong warm shade. It's the closest thing that I have lipstick wise to a nude/peach color, but it isn't really a peach when applied.

Price and Size: $30 for 3.5g or 0.12 oz

L to R: Burberry Copper, Chantecaille Camellia, By Terry Terrybly Nude (100) (natural light)

L to R: Burberry Copper, Chantecaille Camellia, By Terry Terrybly Nude (100) (flash)


  1. I want to try this, it reminds me a little of Ellis Faas L305 from the picture. Maybe this color is more universally flattering.

  2. I have this, on my lips it becomes my favourite nude lips. They can be terrible soft so when I apply I need to make sure I do not press to hard. One of my lip mist is actually leaning to a side.

  3. aw! dedicated to lil ol' me?! love you doll, love you!

  4. love love this shade. this post is a reminder I need to start using it!

  5. The Lip Mist formula is hands down my favorite lipstick ever. I must try the Chantecaille ones now! That swatch of Camellia is beautiful!