Saturday, September 29, 2012

Becca Dragonfruit Beach Tint +

So I finally managed to get my little hands on this gorgeous beach tint. If you don't already know the amazingness that are beach tints...well then...

you need to see my review on Raspberry Beach Tint or see my other mentions of Beach Tints here or here.

Moving right along...


Packaging: In a small squeeze tube. A very small amount is needed on the cheeks. Literally the size of a pinhead is more than enough to do both cheeks. The one thing you need to do is shake the tube so that the formula isn't too runny (and has color/pigment). My biggest gripe with the Beach Tint packaging -- not having the name of the actual color on the tube. It's just stated on the box. I do have one beach tint that actually has the name written on the back (watermelon). When you have a few beach tints, it's hard sometimes keeping track which beach tint is which.

Color: a really vibrant warm strawberry pink. It makes watermelon look almost raspberry and guava a pale peach in comparison. I don't own strawberry to see how it looks in comparison. Dragonfruit has a fig like smell for those who are wondering. 

Formula: Long lasting, and the formula itself is a hybrid of a cream-gel consistency. Slightly sticky when applied on the lips, but on the cheeks they glide on like a dream. Becca definitely has a exceptional formula when it comes to their cream blushes and Beach Tint. They're marketed as water-resistant, but I haven't tested this claim, but I'm sure they hold up well when in contact with water. 

The one thing I must say with the beach tints is that they set really quickly. Once they set, it doesn't budge. 

Price and Size: $25 for 7mL or 0.24 fl. oz


L to R: Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Guava once it sets (sorry for the patchy Guava and Watermelon swatches)

L to R: Watermelon, Dragonfruit, Guava freshly applied onto the skin. Dragonfruit is a bit warmer in real life. this picture makes me sad. I want my camera back :(


  1. Oh nooo, I hadn't read the reviews on the Becca Beach Tints and now I need them allll... Danger!

    Your picture doesn't look bad silly! I'm glad you're still reviewing :)

  2. ohhhh, what is this joy? I must have this. Words fail me with how beautiful it is.

  3. Gah! I was thinking that I didn't want Dragonfruit - but it looks lovely. Watermelon is pretty too. I really like Raspberry but on my pale skin it is so easy to go from pretty flush to clown cheeks. Maybe I need to get one of the lighter colors that would be easier to work with on my pale skin.

  4. This blush is so appropriately named as it really does look like dragonfruit! I use an Extra Fine point Sharpie Permanent Marker to write the name on each tube. It helps a lot since I have so many.

  5. I think I like Guava best--so pretty! I don't own any of the Becca Beach Tints, but now that Sephora carries the brand, I am DEF going for a few of them!

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  7. I loooveee BECCA!! Especially their lip and cheek cremes and beach tints!