Thursday, September 12, 2013

By Terry Fall 2013

Finally!!! The collection I have been waiting for since at least spring time! :D

I just got the items in, so I can't give comprehensive reviews since I have been busy with errands, but I figured you'd would all enjoy the items :)

Terry came out with

5 new Hyaluronic Sheer Rouges:
11. Fatal Shot
12. Be Red
13. Sangria Appeal
14. Plum Plump Girl
15. Grand Cru

3 new Crayon Kohl Terrybly (eyeliners -- pencil with a liquid consistency)
7. Brown Secret
8. Emerald Evasion
9. Royal Navy

*as for these new eyeliners, they are WORLDS beyond better than her standard ones, which were a standard pencil, didn't last well on the eyes, and the application was a bit of an annoyance. I'm glad she totally revamped the formula. 

2 new Ombre Blackstars
12. Black Matte 
13. Brown Perfection** (the asterisk denotes I got it as a gift, not from a sponsorship)

There are some new brow products:
Brow Pen that literally looks like the Suqqu brow pen, except it's more pigmented in application. Downside is the one shade that is sold here in the US is made for blondes. I'm not blonde so I didn't test it.

Eyebrow Mascara: I have it as well, but got it as a gift and still testing it out. 

Royal Navy (did not purchase and taken with natural daylight)
Brown Secret, Emerald Evasion, Black Matte, Brown Perfection**, Fatal Shot, Plum Plump Girl (no flash)

Brown Secret, Emerald Evasion, Black Matte, Brown Perfection**, Fatal Shot, Plum Plump Girl (with flash)

For those who are wondering how the new Ombre Blackstars blend when you're trying to lay them down on as a base, here's now it looks. I made the mistake of laying them both down at the same time, so Black Matte looks slightly patchy. The matte ones set even faster than the non mattes. Oops.

And let's discuss the Hyaluronic Sheers:

For me to wear these, I can't apply them on as a full on, slap on the lips type of lip proudct. I have to apply them sheerly (with my finger) and let them set like a stain. Reason being since they're too glossy, they slide around a bit, and not to mention there's a patch on my upper lip that a lot of lip products don't like to adhere to. If applied like a stain, the color adheres well on that odd section on my upper lip. The colors and finish are too beautiful, so the high maintenance is worth it. Not to mention it's rare for me to find a makeup line that makes AMAZING lipcolors. She makes the best and most unique shades for me. Armani is a close second.

As for the new shades -- they're a LOT more opaque than the standard line, as you can see below. 

#7 on left (original lineup), #11 on the right, no flash.

Terry herself did not disappoint, and I think I will be buying another lipstick shade in the upcoming weeks. :)


  1. I have one of her eyeliners. And I dont like it or dislike it. Its rather....... meh. I may have to check out the new formula!

  2. I'm intrigued by the Suqqu-like brow pen...

    beautiful color all around!

  3. im glad I Picked up fatal shot . May have to go back for the green liner though

  4. Dear god, Fatal Shot and Plum Plump Girl are gorgeous! Again, need to see if I can still get these...

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French