Thursday, May 17, 2012

Burberry Pink Heather Lip Mist (210) [edited]

So I had to make my rounds the other day to check out the Burberry summer collection. Saw the face powder, swatched it a few times on my face with a brush (with and without foundation) and honestly didn't see the appeal. I was about to walk away from the counter altogether...until i saw the lipsticks next to the powder as I was putting back the powder in its appropriate place.

Then I swatched them on my arm, and from swatches I liked the pink shades. So then I cleaned of the pinks looked kinda bad due to the shimmer. Then, there she was in all of her glory...Pink Heather lip mist. Applied that bad girl on...and I walked out with that.

Considering I've been wearing Pink Heather for a bit and really liking the shade, it took me a while to think/process what I like/dont like for some reason. Sorry for being semi-late to the review.

Packaging: Not a fan of the Burberry "check" pattern, nor the square tube packaging. Aside from that, it's a weighty lipstick, which I personally like. Another small tidbit that I'm not too keen on the weak magnet that holds the lipstick cover to the base. In a situation that you apply the lipstick on and place the lid on, sometimes it doesn't snap shut since the magnet has to be on a specific side. Does that make any sense? So if I put it on the "wrong" way, I have to swivel the lid until you feel the magnet clicks into place. I like to apply my lipstick and as soon as I put the lid on, that's it. nothing else. Ah well maybe it's just me.
Formula and Texture: The lip mists are creamy with a slight balm feel. The formula doesn't settle into lip lines, or accent flaky patches. If you're a fan of Chantecaille Lip Chics or RBR Succulence of Dew formulas, then you'd really like the Lip Mists. The coverage isn't that sheer considering the balmy formula. There's a smell to the lip mists too -- like powdery almost fig like smell? I can't describe it. It's definitely present when you apply the lipstick, but on the lips alone, I don't smell it (after a few mins). The lasting power is only about 2.5-3 hours on my lips, like most hydrating/balmy lipsticks. For longer lasting formula, check out their lip covers.

edit: an aspect that i like about the lip mist is that they dry down to a matte finish, without drying your lips. generally with formulas that are not full on opaque, they tend to be glossy, but this isn't.

Color: It's a soft, cool pink. It's definitely a "my lips but better" range of pink with no shimmer at all. I like this shade since it's a bit lighter than my natural lip color. Why I like it is that I can wear it by itself (with no/minimal eyeshadow) and it doesn't look like concealer lips. The shade is in the same vein as Armani Rouge d'Armani 103, but 103 is definitely more beige in undertone (and the formula is completely different). The difference is definitely more stark when it's on the lips.

Size and Price: 3.5 grams or 0.12 oz for $30

onto the photos :D

L to R: GA RdA 103, Burberry Heather Pink lip mist

L to R: Burberry Pink Heather, GA RdA 103 (no flash)

L to R: Burberry Pink Heather, GA RdA 103 (with flash)

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  1. Ahhh so pretty! I so wish we had a Burberry counter around here. The Lip Mists seem like the perfect formula for me since I love my Dior Addicts.

  2. well i think u can order burberry from the Nordstrom website? they have a great return policy too in case you don't like the item.

    Dior Addicts (not the extremes) in comparison are definitely a bit more sheer and glossier than lip mists...

  3. Hi, lip mist has a good moisturizing effect on me. I love the gloss and the finish on my lip. Pink heather is a good pick:) lovely color.

  4. Wow looks very close to 103 in the pics. I was actually just about to order 103 sine I have decided it's ridiculous I don't own more of my favourite formula of lipstick!

  5. It looks similar when swatched on the arm, but 103 is definitely more nude and has a beige undertone when applied on the lips.