Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Addiction Blush in Amazing (04) +

Due to a special request from one of my readers, I've decided to review a blush. You know what? I never really review blush to begin with. It's not something I wear often...I'm a light foundation, mascara, and lipstick kinda chick. It's kinda odd since I own so many blush brushes, and some blush...but I never wear it as often as I could/should.

Moving along, I guess since I don't own many blushes, the few I do have are ones I really do like. Maybe it's because I don't get that easily won over by a blush's color, texture, etc...it has to be something special to me in order for me to have it in my stash. I've bought blushes and given them away or return them if I don't think it's special...

so with that being said...

One of the blushes in my stash is Addiction's Amazing. 

Packaging: Sleek, shiny black packaging. It seems pretty sturdy, and something to take away is that it's not bulky at all. Addiction is written on the lid, and the bottom of the lid has a hole, which makes it seem easy to depot. The blush itself seems larger than the 2nd generation Shu blushes (as you'll see in the photos below).

Color: in the pan it's a vibrant, matte, neon pink. it looks like a neon strawberry pink. It's not a fuschia shade either. my first thought is..."whoa, this is definitely not going to stay in the stash". It's not as warm or as reddish as RBR orpheline. Of course when applied it's not as insane (vibrant) as it appears. I can't think of a color it looks similar to, but I'm not the best person to ask since I don't have as many blushes.

Texture and finish: I'm sure some of you have heard about their eyeshadows and their awesome textures...and this definitely is no different. It's smooth, buttery, and glides on the skin so easily. It's a drier formula than Burberry eyeshadows, but how it just looks on your skin is nothing short of beautiful. It's a matte finish, but not chalky whatsoever.

Price and Size: ¥4050 on ichibankao (which is approximately $51, not including shipping). I don't recall paying for shipping though. I think. I don't remember. Size is 3.9 grams.

Worth having?: I think so, because it's not a common shade of pink. Plus finding a powder matte texture that blends easily and not looking chalky isn't that easy to come by. 

photo time :)

L to R: NARS Gaiety, Shu RD 14 (d/c), Addiction Amazing, Shu P Wine 25 (d/c). (taken without flash)

L to R: NARS Gaiety, Shu RD 14 (d/c), Addiction Amazing, Shu P wine 25 (d/c). (taken with slight flash)

L to R: NARS Gaiety, Addiction Amazing, Shu RD 14 (d/c: bottom L corner) , Shu P wine 25 (d/c: upper R corner).


L to R: Addiction Amazing, RBR Orpheline


  1. Pretty pinks! Now I find myself wanting NARS Gaiety again AND the AMAZING blush. *sigh*

  2. Such lovely pinks! I know NARS Gaiety is not the best color on me but your swatch makes me want it all over again. : P Amazing & Shu P wine 25 are gorgeous! (small lemmings may have been induced) Like Periously Pale - *le sigh*

  3. The vibrancy of these colors is just incredible. I'm a freak for bright pinks ... I'm going to have to investigate these shades!

    ♥ Jessica