Thursday, May 17, 2012

a bit about me and my reviews +

so some people ask what items I like and why? as in favorite formulas, why i like "x" formula but not "y" formula. 

Of course there are so many different options when it comes to makeup  --

thin vs. thicker texture
luminous vs. matte
sheer vs. opaque
lipsticks: I am a die hard fan of opaque, LONG LASTING, matte (non shimmery) formulas (Armani RdAs fit the bill for this, plus their shades are awesome). I adore NARS Pure Mattes too since they're matte without being super drying. Over time I've embraced sheer, glossy formulas, even some with some shimmer...and although I do like sheer and glossy, it's not my ultimate favorite unless it's super hydrating. If I want something sheer, I can opt for a lipgloss. I hate super creamy formulas (Edward Bess, YSL RVs, some Hourglass lipsticks) because it's just either too thick, sticky, or just slide all over the lips. Not a good look for me personally. I'm generally not a fan of scented lipsticks, since the smells that lipsticks have are migraine inducing. Some smell doesn't bother me, but a strong scent -- heck to the no.

lipglosses: There's more options for me when it comes to gloss formulas, since I do like a shimmer, but I also enjoy a non shimmer formula too. It's harder to find a gloss with no shimmer (in my experience), which explains why I have a special affection for some Gloss d'Armanis. I do like a pearl finish with glosses, but I don't tend to buy those often. My ultimate favorite gloss formula are hands down my Le Metier de Beaute Lip Cremes (it makes sense since they're a hybrid lipstick and gloss). I personally don't mind a thicker gloss formula (ie: By Terry Gloss Delectation), but keep in mind I don't like sticky glosses at all. With most glosses, their scents don't bother me. I also hate gritty formulas too. I'm looking at you YSL golden glosses -- smell of death and grittier than sandpaper. 

eyeshadows and blushes: this tends to fall in the same category for me -- as in anything goes. I like matte, satin, and shimmery eyeshadows. The biggest thing for me when it comes to shadows are their consistency. I tend to prefer creamier feeling formulas (Suqqu, Burberry), but I like a semi dry formula like Le Metier de Beaute (they aren't dry, but they're aren't as moist feeling as Burberrys). I don't like chunky glitter either and the color has to give a smooth, no chalky effect, and provide even color payoff with one swipe of my finger. That's a general rule. I like both sheer and opaque shades. 

With blushes -- there's an extra feature that I look for: how natural it looks on the skin. Asian lines tend to have really finely milled powder blushes so when applied, it doesn't look like blush, but rather a glow from within. 

Foundations and Concealers: When I first started blogging, I was more keen towards matte finish foundations due to my skintype and being photographed. I've embraced over time a more luminous finish, but not overly luminous. I'm very big when it comes to how the foundation feels against my fingers, in part because I love a velvety texture. To those who own the discontinued By Terry Lumiere Veloutee, you know exactly what I mean. I tend to favor foundations that can be easily applied with fingers. I'm always running out the door and never have the time to use a foundation brush. As for concealers -- I love high coverage concealers, but ones that are easy to apply with a finger. I've been asked more than once why I don't care for Kevyn Aucoin's SSE -- it's too much work to get the right consistency.

I like a consistency that's not too runny (like Chanel VA), but I'm no fan of a thick/creamy consistency foundations (like cream compacts). I'm not a fan of CdP foundations since it's too thick for me as well. I will make an exception for Shu Nobara Stick foundation since it's really lovely. The thickest I like is Chantecaille Future Skin.

Some of my favorites are Ellis Faas (Skin Veil and the concealer), By Terry Lumiere Veloutee (discontinued) and her Cover Expert foundation. I also adore her concealers -- Touche Veloutee and VIP Touch Expert. If the United States carried lighter shades of Guerlain foundations, I'd be all over them too.

face powders (bronzers, finishing powders): I prefer a matte finish on both accounts, especially with bronzers since I can use it as a contour. Finishing powders I'm such a picky person -- I've tried La Mer's, Chantecaille, T. LeClerc, Shus, Laura Mercier's to give a few more well known powders. My favorite is By Terrys, in Rose and Peach. There's no visible shimmer and it's just full of awesome (downside is that it has talc for those who are sensitive to that ingredient). 

Makeup Brushes: This can be an entry in of itself -- long story short, I like natural haired brushes, of the finest quality. Hands down my favorite are Shu Uemura for eyeshadow, Chikuhodo for face brushes. Suqqu brushes are great as well, if you can't get your hands on Chikuhodo. After all, Chikuhodo makes Suqqu brushes. Synthetics I am less familiar with, but I do adore my Hourglass, and have yet to try Illamasqua.


  1. Great post! It is so nice to see what other people look for when they buy make up!
    (Btw I love Shu Uemura brushes too, hmm... I have to buy more!)

  2. Thanks for this peek into your tastes and your reasoning behind them. Great minds think alike! So happy to hear about the YSL Golden Glosses. I was so close to trying one of the summer ones!