Friday, July 29, 2011

By Terry VIP Touch Expert Advanced Concealer +

As of late my skin has been red due to the summer heat...and with the temperatures rising over 100 degrees, anything on my face feels gross as of late. Basically my face gets reddish when it's over 70 degrees. 

moving along...

The one thing I have been using for spot areas is my handy dandy By Terry VIP Touch Expert Advanced Concealer. So onto the review...

Packaging: it comes in a purple tube, very slender and easy to carry around with a brush applicator. I never really use the brush, i just put some on the back of my hand, and use my fingers to apply.

Formula and Texture: the formula is definitely a medium-full coverage concealer, and it's pretty thin formula. Given my skintype, anything creamy gets cakey and overall a thicker formula just looks unnatural on my face. What's so cool about the formula is that it contains hyaluronic acid, which is great for moisture so it's not drying at all. When it's first applied it looks luminous, but when blended and dried down it's a satin finish. David introduced this to me when he used Ellis Faas foundation (Skin Veil). Let's just say I looked pretty awesome LOL. It's pure radiance and flawless on my face.

To those who are wondering how this compared to Touchee Veloutee (TV): TV is a brightening and definitely more illuminating concealer that looks amazing for your undereyes. A main difference is that TV is lighter coverage. Granted I can get away using TV for spot areas, it is a luminous finish and it's not as peachy in terms of the color compared to Touch Expert.

Price and Size: $40 for 0.085 fluid oz. 

Cons: The limited shade range. Shade #1 is if you're approx NW10-15, Shade #2: NC15-20, Shade #3: NC25-30. I'm shade 3 of course...but, really? is that the darkest a line can do? It makes me a little sad.

Onto the photos ! :D 

Left to right (with flash):

By Terry VIP touch expert #3
By Terry Touchee Veloutee #3

You can see the undertone difference, as TV is for undereye (lightening and brightening), Touch Expert is more for your face. Both are an awesome match on me.

Left to right (no flash):

By Terry VIP touch expert #3
By Terry Touchee Veloutee #3

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