Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Silk Road Eye Kaleidoscope

So I got to play with the new Silk Road Eye Kaleidoscope coming out this fall...and needless to say, it's nice to see rich, warm burgundy, purples, and golds. Not exactly my cup of tea in terms of colors because I hate how I look in purples. But, it's awesome to see what neat colors that are going to be the trend this upcoming season. I'll have to play with it some more when I have the time to really sit down and play. If this wins me over, then me smitten :)

*Tapestry is this gorgeous, soft shimmery warm purple. definitely a color that most people will like. 
*Damask is a super warm gold, I totally need to go back to compare it to nutmeg. (will update with this info later).
*Ikat is a rich burgundy. I'm tempted to see how this looks with some magic lustre creme to use it as a lipcolor. I want a lipcolor in this rich and pretty. This one may be a learning curve color for me for my eyes.
*Brocade: is a dark chocolate with burgundy mixed in. This one is so sultry because of the dark sparkles.






Left to right are the shades from top to bottom.


  1. This is down my alley, TOTALLY. Warm and rich *DIES*

  2. Gorgeous!! That would be great for you to let everyone know how Damask compares to Nutmeg. I bet you will love those Ken Downing lipsticks coming out for fall ;-) I LOVE how you describe Brocade as having burgundy mixed in with the dark chocolate. That sounds like the shade I've been looking for forever!

  3. :D absolutely enamored by the first shimmery plum shade!

  4. Love this palette from what I have seen so far.

  5. Beautiful, rich looking shades, feels like autumn just from looking at it! I hope LMdB make a return sharpest in the UK in time for this.

  6. I really love this, it looks a bit like an amped up version of Le Cirque. As purples are my favourite shades (brings out the green in my eyes) this is a definite must.

  7. You are killing me with these pics and swatches. This cannot be released soon enough!

  8. Love love love these! And the purple tons are perfect for my hazel eyes. What a lovely tease :)

  9. Wow. These are exactly the colors I reach for! Thank you for the beautiful preview :)

  10. This is the prettiest collection I've seen anywhere in a long while...I love those colors! Perfection.

    I'm going to have to bite the bullet (and suffer the traffic) to head into downtown Atlanta to check these out in person!

    Can't wait until they come out!