Friday, March 21, 2014

an update

I'm not one to really disclose my personal affairs, since I've always wanted this blog to be about makeup and all the happy and pretty things…but given the lack of quality posts, I figure I'd give a bit of an explanation. 

Within the past few months I've been dealing with health issues, not to mention with the stress of moving…along with ending my older apartment with my ex. I came to terms with me and my ex being two different people, which is totally okay. One of the things I found annoying is he felt need to make snide remarks on my makeup hobby/habits. I won't get into the details, except that they weren't positive comments. At this point it doesn't matter anymore. I no longer talk to him, we never cross paths, and we live far away from one another. It's better for the both of us. 

I've been fortunate to not let his comments affect me personally. Although when you live with the person, there's no real moment of being alone...being lost in your own thoughts to think about the things you really enjoy. All of which resulted in the lack of consistent / quality posts. I'm just glad I'm physically living in a place that's more positive for me. 

As for my health, it's a work in progress since it's been a constant issue due to many factors. It's getting better. There's no need to discuss specifics on it.

I've been wanting to take a break from blogging since there are some other changes that I want to make, and in order for that to happen, I need to prioritize how I spend my time. I've been watching less YouTube videos and not reading as many blogs. I do love makeup, but I also want to improve on myself and hopefully the changes that I want to happen will occur sooner than later.

As for those who have any questions regarding a certain makeup/skincare item, please feel free to email me at 

hopefully I'll be back to blogging on a more consistent basis in the near future. Until then, feel free to drop a comment/email. :)


  1. I hope your health issues resolve. You are right—a less stressful living situation should help. Take care of yourself.

  2. So sorry to hear what you are going through. I hope your health issues are solved soon and you feel your best. I would be very happy to see you blogging again, but take your time, we will wait xox

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues, and sad to lose (hopefully only temporarily!) a wonderful blog. Best wishes for your full recovery, and hope to see you up and running again soon.

  4. panties, hope you feel better soon. much love & gentle hugs!

  5. You are always generous with your time and knowledge!-keep well and see you soon!

  6. Taking care of yourself comes first over everything else! Hope to see you back on your blog & keep in touch! :) ♥

  7. Love following you on social media, and will be sad to see you not post as much. Get better, get well...and we will be here where you left us!

  8. Already mid-April, has the new By Terry French Riviera collection incited you to boost your blogging? :)

    1. Terrys Summer collection didn't arrive until today. Yes, the pictures and thoughts are up already.