Saturday, April 7, 2012

Suqqu #11 Himesango Blend Color Eyeshadow

I'm back, and alive. 

The story of my life aside from being busy trying to learn a lot of new things at work, a mix of unfortunate events, among other things have caused a bit of a hiatus on this blog. My life is somewhat getting back together, and I appreciate the support I've gotten from friends throughout the month of March.

Needless to say, I've been a bit depressed and just not in the mood for anything (even buying makeup). I hope it's a short phase. 

Moving along . . .

I bought some Suqqu Spring, and even though I'm not a fan of Spring/Summer collections, I couldn't help but buy some of the pretties.

#11 was one of the palettes when I saw promo photos, I was almost not going to get it. Me in peachy colors? meh, not a color I reach for, plus I feel like light peach shades look ashy or make me look slightly sick. But of course there's a taupe shade that motivated me to get it. I thought to myself "hey, even if that peach shade looks horrible, at least I have a pretty taupe to make up for it".

Colors: we have a warm peach, almost apricot like on my skin. I still don't know how I feel about this specific shade on my eyes, but man as a cheek highlight it looks AWESOME. Bizarre how I think of other ideas for specific shades. Of course we have the awesome taupe shade with a silver cast/sparkle to it. As for the last shade, (aside from the creamy white primer), it's cool toned brown, but it's not a unique shade in of itself. 

Texture/formula: The texture are their signature buttery softness, but their lasting power on their own isn't anything ground breaking (sad to say), but of course with a primer (like NARS), the lasting power is okay. The formula in terms of how it feels when you apply it (either finger or brush) is so divine. 

Packaging: It's sturdy, sleek, and functional if you ask me. It's a minimalist shiny black enclosure (which are prone to fingerprints), but easily can be wiped away. The best part are the eyeshadow applicators a dual ended sponge and a dual ended brush one. 

Price and size: 49 GBP (i think) 5.5 grams

Worth the purchase: I think it's a lovely quad to carry in your purse since the colors are fail proof, but the colors in of themselves unique? Aside from the peach-apricot one, not really. I like it a lot because it was a nice surprise to have something different in my stash (the peachy shade) and I have a use for it. We'll see if I can get more comfortable wearing peachy colors on my eyelids. 

Onto the colors!

colors clockwise from top left (with flash)

colors clockwise from top left (without flash)

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