Monday, April 16, 2012

Hourglass Illume Bronze Light -- Creme to Powder Bronzer Duo

As of late I've been venturing into the world of Hourglass Cosmetics. I still have some mixed thoughts about the brand overall, but there's definitely no denying that there are several true gems in the line. My interest has definitely increased since it's sold at SpaceNK, plus seeing a specific YouTuber, JoshCollierMUA who happens to work for the line as well. Seeing his reviews/tutorials has definitely been helpful to figure out what I want to try.

So with that being said, I purchased Illume Bronze Light -- my go to person at SpaceNK used it on me and even then I didn't buy it on the spot, because I wasn't convinced that the lasting power would be anything amazing. Of course after wearing it for 12+ hours, I had to get it. 

Packaging: It comes in the signature Hourglass brown swivel packaging, and the duo has a nice mirror. The bronzer and highlighter does collect a bit on the mirror (outline), but it's not a big deal, since I know cream products do move a bit. I love the fact that it's a 2 in 1 item since I can carry it in my bag. It's easier to carry this than say, 2 bottles of Armanis Fluid Sheers.

Colors: There's a champagne colored highlighter, although there's definitely some shimmer, but it's not over the top. Check it out on JoshCollierMUA's video to see how it looks on his cheeks. It's a soft sheen that just looks so pretty. Then there's a bronzer that's definitely not orange when applied, although in the pan it looks it would be too orange on the skin. Definitely don't be fooled by the appearance in the pan.

Texture/Formula: Ok, so the formula states that it's a cream to powder. When it sets to a powder, it sets is so much better than a powder. It doesn't look like the highlighter and bronzer is just sitting on top of your skin.  It seriously melts with your skin. The bronzer is matte, but not chalky at all. The texture of the bronzer is a bit more creamy/wet than the highlighter, so that's something to be aware of. Once it sets, it seriously doesn't budge. One of the benefits of the duo is that it's oil, fragrance, wax, sulfate, fragrance, phthlate, and paraben free. Look below for the list of ingredients (in the picture section).

Learning curve: The hardest thing for me to learn to use was the bronzer, because of the blending part. It sets really fast, so for me to blend well before it sets, is to use a big fluffy synthetic brush like the Hourglass #2. I currently own the Hourglass retractable brush and it's not big enough for my personal liking to use with the bronzer. I feel like I don't get an even application when I apply the bronzer with my fingers, so the best way to use it is with a brush. The highlighter on the other hand is easier to use, and you can apply it with your fingers without an issue.

Price and Size: $40 for 11g/0.39 US oz.

photos :D

L to R: bronzer and highlighter heavily swatched

T to B: GA fluid sheer #10, HG bronzer, HG highlighter, GA fluid sheer #2.
you can see here that Fluid Sheer #2 is definitely more sparkly than the Hourglass highlighter. I love fluid sheer #2, but for night time, and the Hourglass more for the day since the shimmer is more subtle.

bronzer blended on my right arm.

bronzer on top,  highlighter on the bottom.

list of ingredients (open in a new tab or window to enlarge)


  1. Love it! I'm so glad you're liking this :D

  2. Ooh, this seems really gorgeous! I've really wanted to get a bronzer/illuminator duo lately, I'm not sure why. It seems so handy. The bronzer texture here kind of scares me since I'm a complete doofus with bronzer...haha. Thanks for posting the ingredients, too!

  3. I love the concept of this palette but the highlighter looks too shimmery for me. Well I'm sure the bronzer is likely too dark as well but I love, love this concept. Maybe they will add some new shade combos!