Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Smoldering Embarkment +

Today I had the pleasure of seeing Dustin Lujan at the Le Metier de Beaute counter today and guess who got to see the new Smoldering Embarkment kaleidoscope!!?!? 

I apologize for the bad photo, I was in a rush to just take a picture.  Either way, Isn't the silver packaging pretty? 

Dustin's inspiration for this palette were colors aren't like any of the existing colors, but also keeping in mind colors that complement the permanent line. He wanted this palette to be colors that you can wear on a daily basis, or even using the shades for a subtle smokey eye. 

I've been asked if any of these shades are duplicates from the permanent line, and the answer is no.

Let's just say, it was very well thought out, because I very pleased with what he had in mind.

Onto the colors:

Dustin offered me his hand in marriage for swatching purposes. For reference he's around a NC20 in MAC foundation:

The colors themselves:

The first shade (First Love) is a nice matte ivory/bone shade. The color is nothing like canvas. If anything, it's like if Jojo and Sugar had a baby (kind of, but not really),  it's a satin-matte finish, but you get the idea.

The next shade (Love Struck): all of you taupe lovers will fawn over this one just as much as I did. It's a taupe with a slight green undertone. If Chameleon and Sequoia had a baby, it would look similar to this.

The aubergine shade (In Love). It's not a true plum, nor is it quite red. I personally hate how I look in purple-burgundy eyeshadow, but I can definitely wear this color, because there's some warmth to it. This one is the lovechild between Fire Lily and Alexandrite.

The last shade (Lovelorn): It's a mid tone silver with insane gold, blue, red and other color sparkles in it. It's not as dark or as cool as Thunder. Dustin describes this one as if Platinum and Thunder had a baby. This color is a dream to apply on. LOVE !!

It's released this Valentine's Day and only sold at Bergdorf Goodman. This palette will be mine.

Please feel free to call the counter and pre-order by phone: 212-872-8612

A common question in terms of how to wear the colors together, here's a video seen here. Courtesy of finding it via google and The Non-Blonde blog providing the link.  


  1. Just in time, I'd been planning to stop by a counter and get some eyeshadow anyway. :) Though I'm not sure about this because the colors (esp the two middle ones) look really unique and I'm not sure how to wear them. They do come together quite nicely to look beautiful in the palette though :)

  2. how i usually wear them is from the top shade first, then layer the other shades one on top of the other. the aubergine color layered on top of the taupe shade looks really cool when layered. i'm sure there are other ways to wear it, but that's how i use it. :) I added a video on the very bottom of the page so you can see a tutorial.

  3. and most importantly, thank you for coming to my blog and responding :)

  4. Thank you! That was really helpful :) & it's my pleasure; I love your blog.

  5. Do you think these will still be available later this month for the Neiman Marcus Beauty Event? I really want to get this (or another set) and b/c of the high price would like to wait until then if possible.

  6. This palette is only at bergdorfs in nyc. You can call and order from them.

  7. Thank you for confirming that bit of info. You can call the Le Metier counter at 212-872-8612

  8. Ahhh after stalking this post for over a week, I finally caved : ) I don't have any colors like these in my collection and I've tried the Le Cirque kit and love it so here's hoping this will be just as good, but I'm pretty sure it will be. Thanks for enabling!

  9. thank you for reading my blog kelli :) i hope my other posts are just as interesting. please feel free to send me any feedback at my email:

  10. dear lord. i am totally obsessing over this brand right now. i wish this was more readily available...i want this kaleidoscope so badly! i just ordered le cirque today via phone....i need to hunt this one down! great post, thank you for sharing this.