Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ellis Faas 302 blush

After playing with this a few times, I'm finally reviewing Ellis Faas blush in 302. It's in the signature silver bullet shape. The color is a warm dusty rose, I can't quite describe the shade because I currently don't have a similar shade personally. It has very pretty multi-dimensional glitter.

Packaging: I like the packaging in terms of the silver bullet, but the actual applicator? I personally hate it. It does nothing for me in terms of ease of application on my face. In order for me to apply the blush,  you have to rotate the bottom and have it click several times in order for product to come out. Ok and my personal gripe with click type items, if you click too much, then you have too much product out there and it's not like you can put it back in the bullet. Once it's out, I have to apply it on the back of my hand and then put it on.

Formula and lasting power: Formula is a bit hard to work with in the sense that I have to keep working with it with my fingers. Why you ask? Because a sheer layer can go on a bit uneven, but then when you layer it on a bit, it goes on evenly. The finish is really pretty and the lasting power on the other hand, is awesome. What makes this really great overall, is the lasting power. This color is unique enough to have in my personal collection, but still.

Ok onto the pictures:

From top to bottom:

Ellis Faas 302

GA Blushing Fabric in #3

MAC Springsheen

Is this worth having? The color is gorgeous and the lasting power is it's only saving grace for me personally. The lack of ease of use for me personally does not make me want to buy another blush from the line.  If I run out of this color, will I buy it again? Probably, but if there's a similar shade in powder form, I'd rather get that instead.

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