Friday, February 4, 2011

By Terry Rouge Terrybly lipstick in Torrid Rose (303)

So I purchased some By Terry Terrbly lipsticks :) She has new shades for spring, and they're all gorgeous to say the least. Lots of fun pinks !

I purchased a couple, but for the sake of the spring season, let's discuss Torrid Rose:

it's a slightly warm pink-rose color. It's not a full on fuchsia (how it looks in the tube). At first glance it looks cool (by appearance in the tube and on my arm) but once applied it's definitely a slightly warm pink. The formula of these are wonderful.

Packaging: They're in a silver tube with a magnetic enclosure. There's no heft (in terms of weight), but the packaging is sturdy to me. The lipstick itself has "Terrybly" along the side of the tube and when you open the tube, there's By Terry written diagonally (lasered on)  below the base of the lipstick. Simple, sleek. I'm a fan of simple, sans-decoration packaging.

Texture and Formula: They're weightless, moisturizing and the color selection, although it's small, they're well thought out colors. I do adore the texture, soooo moisturizing without being creamy. The one thing about these is that they're not as opaque as I had imagined them to be. They are lipsticks, but they're slightly shy of being full on OPAQUE. They're also not as long lasting as a Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani, but they don't wear off quickly either.  They do fade into a beautiful stain too, which is great. With these lipsticks, I feel like I need to wear a lipliner to get the effect I want, but that's just me personally.

Finish and appearance: There's no sparkle in these (yay), and on my lips, it's very shy of being full on opaque.

Onto the pictures !!

from left to right:

By Terry in Torrid Rose
MAC Isabella Blow lipstick. 

Note that Blow is more blue in real life. MAC Girl About Town is fuschia, whereas Torrid Rose is a bit warmer and rosy on the lips, than on my arm. 

I love how it's so bright, but not OTT that Blow can be at times. I'd wear this by itself during the day. It's a color that you can blot and it won't look as bright or intense.

Is it worth getting: I LOVE this color. finally, a bright pink I can get away with that doesn't look overdone during the day.  If you have a lot of pinks, you can pass on it, I think. For $48, this is a nice lipstick you can splurge on.


  1. Wow...*gorgeous* color! And the texture looks like butter, especially in contrast to the MAC one. I love the embossment on the base of the lipstick as well. Do these lipsticks have a particular scent? Great post, per usual :) xxx

  2. well to be fair, Blow is a matte lipstick that is a bit difficult to work with. I felt the comparison was bad because they're two completely different finishes, but it's the only color that I had that was even remotely close.

    they are scented: it reminds me of a baby powder smell with a hint of rose. i'm not great at describing smells, in general though. The smell is not overpowering, but the smell does go away once you apply the lipstick.

  3. Hmm. I think I can handle that scent. And a lemming is born :/ Thanks! xxx