Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beaute Cosmetics Harlot liqui-gel stain +

Today I get to present to you Harlot liqui-gel stain. Some of you may (or not) know about Beaute Cosmetics, but it's known for their lipcremes and liqui-gel stains. Here's some info about the line itself, and I think it really does represent what it's all about:

We think of make-up and first we think colour: BeautĂ© is using the most forward thinking technologies available to create the most sumptuous shades, textures and finishes ever seen, touched or coveted. Beautiful make-up may be one of life’s great gratifications however so much is in the application. 

I've met Mr. Nelson himself and from our brief discussion, he really does spend a lot of time and thought into his products (ingredients, application, ease of use, and how it looks on people). It's definitely refreshing to see someone who really is this passionate about their products. 

I personally do not like lip stains because they're so drying. I think of what's out there in terms of lipstains and I shiver because they're really not appealing to me at all. They cling to my lips and make them more dry to the point where my lips start to flake. Of course that changed with Beaute's stains. I purchased Harlot because of the name actually. (I know, I am a bit of a perv). What makes this really great is that it's not drying at all on your lips. Just keep reading +
Packaging: It comes in a clear tube, black lid and it's a doe foot applicator.
Smell and formula: It has a very minimal floral like scent that quickly disappears, texture is definitely a liquid-gel. It's a beautiful texture and formula if you ask me. The pigmentation of these are AWESOME. It's the only stain that I'll ever buy going forward, and the lasting power is amazing. I did a test run with this on my cheeks and it was over 10 hours. I'm sure it would have lasted more time, but I had to sleep. What's even better about this stain is that it's really easy to apply. One dot on your cheeks and just spread with your fingers. I haven't experienced any streaky or uneven distribution of color. :D 
Price: $29, you do get a lot of product, as you'll see below. The downside is that it's only sold online. I wish it was sold in a store. *shakes fist*
Color: A gorgeous berry shade. I really need to use this more often.

top to bottom: 

MAC Secret Crush stain
Beaute Harlot

Harlot on the left, you can definitely sheer this out more with your fingers or a brush, but I wanted to show you what a small amount can do. It's really a vibrant shade. I did a quick rub, as you can see on top/left side I didn't really sheer it. whoops. :\

MACs Secret Crush on the right. I personally do not like this stain because it's so drying. I had no idea how sheer it was until doing this comparison.

Is it worth buying?
Yes. It's phenomenal!!  I like this more than Tarte, Benetint, and MACs. I need to get Flouron and Fever next.

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