Friday, February 11, 2011

Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon Eyeshadow +

FINALLY!! I get to finally review this color. This is one of those colors that stood at the counter, stared right back at me each time I went to visit. For one reason or another, I didn't get it until last week. I used to sigh and tell myself, "next time I'll get it". That was the story for about 5 months. I love neutral colors, but this one is definitely has a green undertone. I love wearing it with neutrals because it stands out. Definitely a shade that can change depending on what colors you use with it.

Texture and finish: It's definitely the signature Le Metier's buttery-velvety soft goodness that makes me swoon each time I touch it. It has a pearl sheen, but no sparkle. The closest in texture is Shu Uemura's Pearl, but these bad boys are more refined in texture and sheen. Le Metier makes my favorite eyeshadows because of the finish, texture, and they're amazing for layering colors. If it's one thing you must try from this line, it has to be their eyeshadows.

Price and size: $30 for 3.8 grams. They are nicely packaged with a mirror, and they are larger than your standard MAC or Shu eyeshadows. MACs eyeshadows are 1.3 grams for $14.50. So let's think about this: Le Metier's are approximately 3x as large as MACs, yet they're only $30. For the quality and texture of these, trust me, they're worth every penny.

Ok, well you know what happens now :) ++

from left to right:

Le Metier de Beaute Jojo eyeshadow

Le Metier de Beaute Chameleon

MAC Lucky Green eyeshadow

The reason that I used these shades is so you can see how neutral, yet how green this shade is. Plus you can visualize the size difference between Le Metier's and MACs.

a pretty closeup of Chameleon (I'm sorry for the dirty mess I make with my e/s), shame on me! 

from left to right:



Lucky Green

I'm so glad I finally got this color, because it's such a pretty shade. :) Yay!


  1. You are responsible for my new favorite eyeshadow! Well second favorite, nothing can touch Corinthian. I wondered about chameleon for a long time but I read this and finally decided to go for it and I'm seriously in love with it now. I had so much fun buying it too! When I was in LA a couple of weeks ago Scott at the bev. Hills neimans suggested I make a custom kaleisecope with it and helped me put one together. We put rose champagne at the top, then chameleon, then innocence, and ended with midnight sky. I just love it so thanks!

  2. I wish I can make a custom made kaleidoscope. I wish Le Metier de Beaute sold empty kaleidoscopes because I have singles that I want to depot and put them in an empty kaleidoscope.

    Woohoo for loving Chameleon :) I'm glad you love it <3 It's an underrated color. :)