Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Special Thank You to Rouge Bunny Rouge

A little backstory...

I'm no stranger to the Rouge Bunny Rouge line, I do love their products, but of course I'm a person who tends to go through phases when it comes to makeup. For a while, I'll be into Suqqu or say, By Terry. Then I'll change to something like Dolce and Gabbana, and so on. They're all great brands, but I'm just a creature of phases I guess. 

I was curious about their new Skin Sanctuary Foundation and asked what shade would be my match. I was told a couple of different answers, and given someone like myself who buys RBR sight unseen...I wanted to make sure I had the right shade. Long story short, I asked for a sample of two shades that seemed like my coloring. 

I'm not one who asks for free things, a big reason is I feel awkward in asking. I'm not a big blogger (as in having a big audience), compared to a few others. Who am I to ask for free things? 

I get a package...honestly I was only expecting two foundation samples. 

This arrived instead:


courtesy of

I just wanted to say thank you to the Rouge Bunny Rouge team for sending me these items!

I've figured out my shade, which is Wheat Cream. I can give you some preliminary thoughts on this foundation:

texture: It's a thicker gel cream compared to Milk Aquarelle, and it's a medium to full coverage foundation. The viscosity is higher in Skin Sanctuary than Chantecaille Future Skin. It's definitely a velvet-matte finish. The finish is slightly less matte than my beloved By Terry Lumiere Veloutee, but the coverage is very similar. 

A couple of things to keep in mind when it comes to Skin Sanctuary is that if you have dry/flaky skin, I do suggest wearing a thick moisturizer if you desire a more luminous finish, or to help with the flaky spots. I also think that you have to blend the foundation, because even though it's a natural finish, when you're wearing a higher coverage foundation, I do recommend blending it a bit past the jawline so it's a seamless finish.

longevity: I wore it yesterday and it lasted me 8 hours with no primer. Granted I didn't take it out for a full test run, I do think it's a pretty stellar when it comes to longevity.

The biggest advantage it has over Milk Aquarelle is that there's minimal to no transfer at all. Milk Aquarelle has a bit of transfer, which isn't a dealbreaker, but the biggest con to Milk Aquarelle is that it didn't last an entire day, unless you wore a primer. Skin Sanctuary is definitely a winner so far. I'm really enjoying it and am seriously considering buying the full size. 

Thank you again, RBR. You're definitely the gold platinum standard when it comes to customer service and communication. I've already been a fan of your line, now I'm a lover. <3 You've seriously made my week. 


  1. That was soooo nice of them! <3

    1. i'm so happy i got something from them. it really blew me away <3

  2. I'm loving the foundation. LOVING IT. I couldn't believe when it lasted all day on me without a primer as well. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the powder. Is it one of their bronzers? I haven't tried any of their powder bronzers or highlighters yet, only liquids.

    1. yes, it's a powder bronzer. at goldcombe bay. :)

  3. I'm jealous, I asked too for foundation samples, but only got foundation samples! I should start a blog...

    1. you shouldn't be jealous. i did ask which bronzer shade was the darker one, not expecting to get it in the mail.

      and first of all, just because you write a blog doesn't mean you get free things. to those who do, it's probably because they have a large audience/readers (which takes time to build), not to mention the time and dedication to consistently write and swatch. if anything, companies are becoming more selective as to who they should give stuff to.

      i just consider it a random act of kindness, because they had no reason to give me a full sized product. i'm no christine, or cafemakeup, or sabrina when it comes to being well known and respected blogs. I've been writing for two years, the only free item's i've gotten was a GWP and a lip palette because my friend dustin gave them to me (those posts were denoted that i got them for free).

      point being, don't write a blog expecting free things. If you want to write a blog, write because you enjoy writing.


    2. Well said. I think they are just saying thank you to for bringing them some customers. I know I went to them because of your swatches and dedication to the brand. Totally makes sense to me. It's nice to see that they appreciate that!

  4. That is so generous of them. Perfect customer service. The foundation sounds fab too. x

  5. Rouge Bunny Rouge has incredible customer service and they are smart. They value that while you are no "christine , cafe makeup, or sabrina, that you have a group of very loyal readers you value your opinions, tastes, and recommendations. That can mean a lot more than numbers.

  6. What a wonderful example of customer service! Like Christa mentioned they are smart - they have done their homework on your blog & know what kind of an audience you have. You review high end make up - your blog fits very well in their target demographic.
    I would love to see swatches of all the samples & the bronzer, if you have time. I'm glad you found a match. I have read glowing reviews on this foundation.