Saturday, September 18, 2010

Illamasqua Cream Blusher

I remember the first time seeing Illamasqua for the first time when the newer Times Square Sephora opened. I saw the display, walked around it, and walked out. Part of the reason is because the store quickly filling in, and I can't deal with insane crowds.

It's one of those lines that not many people talk about, partially because it's new in the United States. This is a makeup line that has a lot of vibrant, pigmented colors. Their cream blushes are very pigmented and do sheer out. The finish is slightly glowy and not powdery/chalky, which is wonderful. What I find tricky is application because you literally need a tiny amount, and blending with fingers alone doesn't seem to be the best method for me.  As for the colors themselves, they are all very true to how they look in the pan. Betray took me by surprise because in the pan it almost looks like a muddy brown. I thought to myself "this color is going to look like dirt". When applied, it's a very beautiful rich plummy rose shade. Lies is a very shimmery/sparkly cool pale pink. This was probably my least favorite in terms of texture because it doesn't blend out as evenly as the others. The darker skinned ladies will love these shades because it will show up on their skintone. The biggest plus about these is that they last on your cheeks for a very long time.

The best method to apply these is probably with a skunk brush. I took pictures of the colors unblended, and blended so you can see the difference.

From L to R: Libido, Rude, Lies

L to R: Promise, Betray

It's sold in select Sephoras and Sephora online for $24. I think it's definitely worth the money considering you don't need a lot to apply. 

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