Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kevyn Aucoin Loose Shimmering Shadow in Topaz +

You may have seen me mention Topaz as one of my more recent acquisitions in this post. It's one of the newer products from the Kevyn Aucoin makeup line, and they come in six colors. Kevyn Aucoin's national makeup artist Felicia introduced me to the product and explained that the eyeshadows can be applied wet or dry. 

Packaging: clear plastic tube, with a rollerball applicator. You know those rollerball applicators, as in the ones in travel sized fragrances...or maybe your favorite lipgloss from childhood. I was a bit thrown off by the applicator since all of my loose eyeshadows you just dip your brush in the actual product (like MAC pigments). I actually appreciate the ball applicator because I can't count how many times I've almost knocked off a loose eyeshadow from a table/stand. Plus what's really neat about the ball is that you can just apply the loose eyeshadow directly onto your eye and it's a pretty even application. Color me surprised, I wasn't expecting even application from the ball (with a powder). The actual amount of product is pretty small, but it's so convenient for travel.

Color/Formula: in the tube, it looks like a dark cool taupe. When applied, it's a GORGEOUS warm bronze. I swear the plastic packaging throws the color off, so if you see these items at a counter, swatch them before buying. As for the formula itself, they're definitely long lasting without a primer. I had topaz on my lids for over 10 hours and no creasing in my crease area of my eye. What's also really cool is that when applied wet, it's more pigmented and has a more of a sheen than a sparkle. It's definitely a great formula. 

Price and Size: $29 for 0.08 oz or 2.3 grams.


rollerball applicator

L to R: Becca Brocade, Kevyn Aucoin Topaz, Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #15

L to R: Becca Brocade, Kevyn Aucoin Topaz, Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #15 (with low flash)

L to R: Becca Brocade, Kevyn Aucoin Topaz, Armani Eyes to Kill Intense #15 (no flash)


  1. WTF? Rollerball? I wouldn't have thought that would work at all! I remember owning a Bonne Bell shadow like that in my tweens! I agree though, it's way better than knocking a loose pigment and for traveling!

    The shadow looks AMAZINGLY multi-dimentional - totally not what I expected. I think I must investigate this product!

  2. WTF were my thoughts too ! i was about to say to felicia, "how old are we again"? but when she applied a bit on my lids I was like "OHHHH".

    report back and see how you like the item :D

  3. I love the rollerball idea. Someone sent me an Everyday Minerals eyeshadow that comes in the rollerball package, and I thought it was genius. I'm actually looking into buying some empty rollerballs, and I'm going to transfer my mineral eyeshadows into that packaging. It's mistake-proof, and you don't have to worry about spilling loose pigments!

    I'm impressed that you got such long wear without a primer. The color is gorgeous!

    1. yea, i'm so impressed with how the rollerball packaging. it's brilliant!

      report back when you buy the empty rollerball container. i'd love to see photos of your experiment and seeing the final result! :D

      thank you for your response <3

    2. Will do! I'm shopping for the rollerballs now!