Saturday, July 21, 2012

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in RD305 (Nymph) +

I know there are some of you who are interested in me blogging about some of my new lip items...and for me to feature something as a post by itself, it's because it's truly a gorgeous item. I'm totally in love with Shiseido Lacquer Rouge (which wasn't pictured in my haul post), because I bought it the day after or so when that post was featured. 

It's funny that I never have featured Shiseido because it was the first skincare brand I used back when I was 13, thanks to my aunt. I loved the skincare back then, and just associated Shiseido with my teenage years. I know it's not a low-end brand, but I never felt the need to buy anything from them aside from the cotton pads. They do have lovely items, and are seriously underrated, especially when it comes to their lip products and skin items.

According to the Shiseido website:

Inspired by Japanese Laquerware, one coat provides intense color and deep luster. This rich liquid lipstick leaves lips as smooth as lacquer. Applicator fits closely against the lips for a comfortable, even application that does not bleed. Lacquer Rouge improves dry, rough or peeling lips with continued use, leaving them smooth and deeply moisturized.

Contains Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE.

So I present to you Nymph:

Packaging: Sleek, minimalist packaging. It's really functional with a screw top cap, and a doe foot applicator. I'm totally in love with the packaging, although the one thing I wish I could personally have is to see how much product is left in the item. 

Formula: this is the best part -- it glides on like a gloss, sets to a semi-matte finish, but it's a cushiony matte, as in it's not drying at all. I will suggest applying the lip item on exfoliated lips because if you have peeling lips, it will look a bit odd once it sets. It's a liquid lipstick so it has the look of a lipstick, not a gloss. It's more runny than Laura Mercier Lip Velvets, but a bit less runny than Chanel's Rouge Allure Laque, and not as glossy as YSL glossy stains. It's totally opaque, and nymph has no shimmer. And yes, the best part is that it DOES NOT BLEED !! (Chanel, take note from Shiseido PLEASE).  I LOATHE Chanel Rouge Allure Laque because it feathers, it slides all over my lips, and it's just an epic fail.

Color: a cool mid tone rose shade. For some reason it shows up as a deep pink nude on my lips when applied. Of course I'm someone who has dark pink lips, so anything lighter than my lip color I see as a nude. It's a wonderful shade for both day and night, and it's not overpowering. I really love the color, since I don't have anything like it. :)

Longevity: I can get a little over 5 hours of wear, and with it lasts through a meal as well. It has minimal transfer, and I mean VERY minimal. I've been working for 12-13 hours and I only had to reapply it once. At the end of my day, it faded a bit, but the color is still present. It fades really well too. 

I know some of you are asking why I'm reviewing Shiseido when I also own a YSL glossy stain: I mean the glossy stain is nice, but the longevity is so lack luster, as in it doesn't last through a meal. There's also the fact that if you wear it two days in a row, I can feel my lips getting dry after the end of the second day. With the Shiseido two days in a row, my lips don't feel dry, but it's too early to see the hydrating benefits that it states on the website. 

Price and Size: $25 and 6ml.

Pictures below:

next to an Hourglass lipstick to see size comparison

lid removed so you can see the applicator and color

L to R: By Terry Lacuqe de Rose in Rose Pulp (8), Shiseido Nymph, and YSL glossy stain #5 (low flash since it's 11:30 pm)

L to R: By Terry Lacuqe de Rose in Rose Pulp (8), Shiseido Nymph, and YSL glossy stain #5 (with normal flash)


  1. I really want to try these new Shi Lip Laquers, and I wanted to start with Nymph. However, I don't know, since I've realized the shade is pretty close to MAC Cosmo (which I already own and barely use). Maybe I'll have to check another shade, Blaze could be, but I'll have to swatch in store. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  2. i couldn't get MAC cosmo to show up on my lips, and MAC lipstick formula is a bit blah. I think disco? is a bright pink which looked awesome when i swatched it. i'm no fan of super warm colors, but the dark reds were calling to me. i'll get a darker one. i didn't go for a dark color first since i was afraid the formula would feather like Chanels.

    definitely worth looking into, especially since they have more warm colors than cool toned shades.

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  3. Thank you for sharing your opinions on this new product. I like the YSL glossy stains, and although I never have dry lips, I find I can't wear the YSL for more than a couple of days in a row. Bleeding is becoming a problem as I get older so the Shiseido Laquer Rouge sounds like a winner! Thanks again!

    1. i will say that it doesnt sit well on peeling exfoliate your lips and use a light balm underneath (which is what i usually do with most lip products). my lips have been really dry lately due to the weather and the shiseido liquid lipstick hasn't made my lips worse, but it hasn't made my lips better either (yet). definitely try it out first before buying to see how it feels for you.

      of course guerlain (this fall) and hourglass (on already i think) will have liquid lipsticks too. so keep your eyes peeled for more options in case shiseido doesn't work out for you. :)


  4. I'm so happy to hear someone say they hate the Chanel RAL's! I thought I was the only one. I adore the YSL Glossy stains. I don't think I've ever wore them 2 days in a row though to notice they are drying. I must try these Shiseido out!I love the look of Nymph! Thanks! I had been very curious about these.

  5. I'm glad you wrote this review. I've been sizing up all of Shiseido's products after having fallen in love with their lipsticks, and was hoping to try something different next time.

  6. That is a gorgeous shade of rose! I'm not a big fan of the YSL glossy stains but this sounds like it might work for me. Adding to my list of things to check out! On my last visit to Nordstrom, they were re-arranging the entire beauty dept. I didn't have time to look around but it looked like they were adding a Shiseido counter.

  7. FYI the Chanel RALs were DC'd awhile ago. :)