Sunday, July 22, 2012

Addiction eyeshadow in Fudge and a long intro +

I know most of you are aware that the reviews on Addiction out in the blogosphere only state amazing things. There's something to be said about Japanese makeup in general -- there's a high level of quality and craftsmanship. It's seen in makeup brushes, or even skincare for that matter. It's not a coincidence that I've been using more of my Japanese makeup as of late, since I'm always a fan of minimalist packaging, beautiful silky textures of powders, and trying to edit my stash to just awesome items.

That's not to discredit makeup made from other parts of the world, because every line has something awesome. But you know there's something interesting about Japanese makeup when Karl Lagerfeld is an aficionado himself for the past 20+ years.

So back to Addiction -- my first items from the line were oddly enough, blushes. Maybe part of me was a bit nostalgic for the Shu glow-ons. Of course being in love with those, I slowly moved into eyeshadows. I would only buy like 1 at a time since I wasn't sure what items to get, and the fear of buying something I'd regret. I recently purchased a few as gifts for friends because they're always wanting a piece of what I own. It's a makeup line I would put in the back burner since I hate ordering online and the waiting time. There's also of course my budget and trying out new items that were sold here in the states. Yes, I really do have a budget. All of the items featured on this blog I've purchased, except one or 2 items (which their posts state I've gotten for free)...One of the items was a part of a GWP.

For some reason, the most viewed items (posts) on my blog weren't from Japanese makeup items. Part of me was a bit hesitant to even review Addiction since it didn't seem like people cared to read about my Japanese makeup reviews, like Shu Uemura, Suqqu, etc. I wanted to review this because a couple of posts ago about my haul, people oddly enough asked for an Addiction review...

so here it is :)


Packaging: sleek black packaging. easy to flip open without being flimsy. the best part with this eyeshadow is that you can depot them into their palettes. pretty straight forward. my first impressions about the packaging is that it felt flimsy since it isn't a weighty pot like Burberry, but it's totally not flimsy at all.

Formula: It feels like silk in comparison to a creamy texture. It glides on, and the texture is so light weight. The best comparison in terms of eyeshadows are Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) or Suqqu. Suqqus feel a smidge creamier than Addiction. The complexity of Fudge is something special in of itself. To those who don't own any Addiction, but own a color like RBR Abyssinian Catbird or Bejeweled Skylark, it's in the same vein of complexity and texture.

Lasting Power: I've recently worn Fudge without eyeshadow primer, and it lasted for 12 hours on my lid with no fading, but there was creasing on my crease after the 4th hour. Without primer that's something pretty awesome, especially in this heat.
Color: It's a beautiful warm bronze. It's really warm, but not garish or sickly looking on my medium skintone. It's a color that's so beachy and glorious. I didn't feel comfortable wearing it at first, but I felt like a summer advertisement for a makeup ad when wearing this shade.

Price and Size:  ¥3200 (approximately) $41 USD for 1.2 grams on Ichibankao. They're half the size of a RBR eyeshadow. It's definitely worth every penny. I know it's a lot for the size, but who really finishes an eyeshadow? 

Pictures ahead -- 

L to R: RBR Bejeweled Skylark, Fudge, RBR Abyssinian Catbird (with flash)

L to R: RBR Bejeweled Skylark, Fudge, RBR Abyssinian Catbird (no flash)

backside of the eyeshadows so u can see the size and writing

L to R: RBR Bejeweled Skylark, Fudge, RBR Abyssinian Catbird, GA ETKI 6, 15 (low flash)
L to R: RBR Bejeweled Skylark, Fudge, RBR Abyssinian Catbird (close up)


  1. Gorgeous! Thank you! I have an "Addiction" shopping cart started and will definitely have to add fudge

  2. What a lovely color! The complexity of color is exquisite! *le swoon*

  3. I am in total agreement about the loveliness of the Japanese aesthetic. Shu Uemura was my first makeup love, and it pains me that American women never really embraced the exquisite beauty of that brand.

    I've been hesitant to become invested in the Japanese brands that aren't readily available in the US, but I've heard such great things about them. I'd love to read more about your Japanese items. These are lovely eyeshadow photos. :)