Thursday, October 17, 2013

By Terry Ombre Blackstar "Color-Fix" Cream Eyeshadow Swatches +

I told y'all that there will be some By Terry reviews... I remember doing a post of my swatches of these, but I think I accidentally deleted the post. 

Moving on...these are eyeshadows that don't need a primer, that glide on like butter, not to mention they wear like IRON. These items don't need much of a review because they are one of her (many) standouts from her line.

It's probably easier to have all of the swatches in one post, especially if you want to see color and finish comparisons.

Here's what I personally own, all of them were purchased by me, except shade #13 Brown Perfection which was a gift. :)

Picture taken with flash, to see the finish. The color representation is pretty accurate. 
Black Pearl (1), Blond Opal (3), Bronze Moon (4), Misty Rock (5), Frozen Quartz (6), Velvet Orchid (9), Beyond Gold (11), Black Matte (12), Brown Perfection (13)

*Black Pearl and Misty Rock are the ones with the most sparkle. 

*Bronze Moon, Blond Opal and Brown Perfection are probably my favorites. 

*Velvet Orchid is the most unique due to it's finish and color. 

Price and Size: $43 for 1.64 grams, or 0.058 oz


  1. Thank you for this! I've been desperately looking for nr4 Bronze Moon but it's out of stock everywhere in London (trust me, I've phoned haha!). So I'm thinking of getting another one and your swatches were very helpful!!

  2. I absolutely adored Velvet Orchid in pictures and ordered it and had to return it. It was so muddy and dark on me. I even used more vibrant purple shadow over it, and it was just very dark. I was so sad about it. But all those colors...

    Shani x
    She Dreams in Perfect French