Tuesday, October 2, 2012

By Terry Hyraluronic Hydra-Primer

So yesterday/today is the official release of By Terrys new liquid primer. It's taken me a while to get around to reviewing it for a couple of reasons:

1. I wanted to test it on a couple of different foundations to see how it wears
2. Being busy getting ready to pack for my vacation. My plane leaves in the morning. 

Packaging: Tube packaging with a silver cap. Nothing special. I do wish there was a way to see how much you have used the actual product. 

Formula: It feels somewhere in between a primer and a serum, probably due to the hyaluronic acid. It feels like a serum in comparison to Shu Uemura's Stage Performer, yet slightly less runny than Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Once applied on the skin, you feel a serious hydrating sensation. The one negative to the formula is that if you apply a lot of the product, it does slightly pill (rolls off). The product itself is white, but once applied and blended onto the skin, it becomes colorless. It's definitely matte in finish, as in your skin doesn't look luminous, it just looks the same. 

I first tried it with Rouge Bunny Rouge Milk Aquarelle foundation to see how it would do with a foundation that tends to separate on the parts of my skin that are oily / large pores (basically my T-zone). The foundation holds up much better and lasts longer on my skin. By hour 10, my foundation still looked as if it was freshly applied. When I had samples of Hourglass Mineral Veil by hour 8 it would slightly separate (hardly noticeable though).

What I have noticed with Armani Maestro when worn alone is that after day 4, it slightly makes my skin drier. So then I tried Maestro with the primer underneath. Day 8 and my skin didn't feel drier. So if you're someone who loves Maestro and want to wear it every day, but feel like it can dry you out after a few days, try it with this primer. It's wonderful.

I feel like this item will be a staple come winter time when my skin is on the dry side. I've been using it almost everyday, sometimes without foundation because of the nice hydrating sensation it gives. 

Price and Size: $59 for 40 mL, 1.33 fl oz


  1. Sounds like it performed really well. I will have to try By Terry one of these days!

  2. I saw a By Terry product review on my bloglovin blog roll and knew it was you before I even checked!
    Great review, hun

  3. I love your review. I cannot decide if I want this one, or powder one you wrote before,, both seems perfect. I´m such a fan of byTerry products.

  4. I hope GA Maestro will not dry out my dry skin. I just ordered it and thought it might be good for drier skin. Thanks for the heads up. This primer looks great, I think I could use it on my T zone with my beloved by Terry foundation.