Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Burberry No. 22 Pale Barley Sheer Eyeshadow

Let me start off as to why it took me this long to review Burberry Cosmetics...because my thoughts can help explain my review on the product:

As some of you know, Burberry was only sold at a very few Nordstroms, and my closest one was in Paramus New Jersey (not near me at all). I refused to buy anything online sight unseen. Then it became available at my local Saks this past fall and when they first arrived there, I wasn't in a rush to see the counter. Plus the biggest deterrent was the packaging. I seriously dislike Burberrys packaging...so much that it took me this long to buy something from them.

And when I finally went to the Burberry counter back in October, I was a bit ... let down. I saw the colors and they're all muted, flat colors (in the pans). Nothing stood out at a first glance to me. I've realized then that I like makeup lines that have some color variation (mixture of neturals and color eyeshadow...and so on...)  

I then realized I needed to take Burberry cosmetics for what it's worth -- makeup that's pretty much fail proof in terms of a soft, everyday, work appropriate look. You can pack on the eyeshadows and it will still be a soft eye, that will never be too dark like a dark smokey eye. A fellow makeup girl I speak to, described it best: it's what Bobbi Brown cosmetics COULD have been. Soft colors with nice textures that are staples in your everyday work bag.

Ok, so I went back to the Burberry counter and saw their Spring/Summer collection. For the few moments that I stood at the display, an associate came up to me and asked me if I needed anything...and then I decided to really sit down and really experiment, since it wasn't busy.

And so then I left with a few products...including Pale Barley Eyeshadow :)

Color: its this beautiful beige leaning taupe shade, with this subtle sheen. I want to say it's neutral, but ever so slightly warm in undertone. I can see myself wearing it on the lid every day. I couldn't help but stare at it in the pan, and even when swatched it's just a beauty on it's own. The sheen isn't over the top, either. I'm definitely smitten with this shade.

Packaging: Yes I dislike the Burberry pattern, and the packaging is on the bulkier side. It has a little mirror, which is convenient. The Burberry pattern is embossed on the eyeshadow too (gag). I do like the magnetic open/close and it's pretty sturdy overall. 

Texture and Formula: The texture is definitely soft and creamy. It reminds me of a Dior eyeshadow in terms of how creamy it feels against your finger. The downside is that the eyeshadow by itself (no primer) is that the eyeshadow doesn't last long at all on your eyelids. On me it lasts like 2 hours with visible fading (and keep in mind its winter so my skin is drier). With primer, the lasting power is much better. I know most people only wear eyeshadow with primer. I work long hours and I have my makeup on for over 18 hours at times, and I do like my eyeshadows to perform well on its own. I'll get over the subpar lasting power on its own, but it is something to keep in mind.

Price and Size: $29 for 2.5g, or .088 oz

L to R: By Terry Misty Grey, LMdB Jojo, Burberry Pale Barley, RBR Gracious Asari, Solstice Halycon, Embrace of Cashmere

L to R: By Terry Misty Grey, LMdB Jojo, Burberry Pale Barley, RBR Gracious Asari, Solstice Halycon, Embrace of Cashmere


  1. hahahaha I love Burberry packaging, it feels substantial and decadent... I have a couple of their products... one is a shadow called Almond. I love that shade, it's just perfect for an everyday office eye :)

  2. It's a lovely color. I wonder if it is similar to Nars Cyprus (I hope it is so that I can save me some pretty pennies ^^)

  3. I saw that Barley shade on someone else's blog (maybe beautylookbook?), and I find myself strangely intrigued and attracted by it. Gah. So much makeup! :D <3 xxx

  4. I love your comparisons! Thank you for sharing. Those are some very, very pretty neutrals you own.

  5. Burberry is always on my wish list of makeup to eventually try out. Gorgeous color!

  6. Having just received a much awaited early birthday present to myself (well .. presents in that I order 5 of the Burberry shadows as well as the Sheer Summer Glow .. and having worn that this evening ...lovelovelove) ... they are gorgeous shadows, feel like silk on ... I do appreciate the heads up about needing a base/primer (I usually apply one anyway in place of a shadow when I'm in a hurry. I now want to try the RBR shadows since you so kindly posted swatches of them! lol .. ah the joys of makeup! oxo Care