Thursday, September 6, 2012

By Terry Fall 2012 Collection and Swatches:

I'm literally falling asleep on myself since yours truly has been running on 2 hours of sleep on average a night. I'll do comparison swatches later with other brands, but considering I took the wrong train home, I can't think of finding similar shades and swatching them.

Red Ceremony (402): It's a red that doesn't seem cool toned like my other red lipsticks. If anything it's almost slightly warm in color. I haven't worn this on my lips to say how it actually looks when applied. 

Bare Instinct (403): This one...goodness. It looks borderline ugly in the tube, even swatched it looks somewhat ugly. It's a mauve/brown/rose color. When applied it's the most beautiful shade I've ever seen. It's not warm like Pink Sepia (Burberry). The color when applied reminds me of what inside a fig looks like, except a bit more muted (as in not as bright). The skies parted and angels were singing when I wore this color. I seriously ask myself the process/inspiration that Terry has when she makes these shades, because I don't have a dupe of this color. AT ALL. 

Carnal Attraction (404): It's a vibrant plum color, with less pink/fuschia than some of the other plums I own. I have to pull out my comparison shades when I'm not at work. This one wowed me at the counter too, but I have a feeling this one isn't as unique, but I can't say for sure until I start swatching.

Velvet Orchid (9): Be still, my beating heart. It's the first time that Terry makes her cream eyeshadows a velvet/matte finish (that I know of).  It's a blackened purple maroon shade. It has a very tiny sparkle that's hard to see unless you look up close. As usual with her cream eyeshadows, they don't budge at all, have awesome lasting power and they glide on like a dream.

Beyond Gold (11): a gold cream eyeshadow, and it's not a super sparkly one like say, Misty Rock. 

There's a peach and orange lipstick that I didn't get, and a velvet dark green cream eyeshadow that are a part of the collection, but I didn't get them.

in essence, I wish Terry would adopt me. I would be the happiest person alive. 

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404) || Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11) (flash)

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404) || Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11)

Red Ceremony (402), Bare Instinct (403), Carnal Attraction (404)

Velvet Orchid (9):, Beyond Gold (11)


  1. I did a post on Bare Instinct recently, it a cranberry red on me, I really like it. I am very tempted to get the purple mascara for the collection as well, I'm also liking the look of the cream shadows you got :)

  2. All the colors are beautiful! I only tried her foundation and loved it, I must explore more.

  3. I need to pull out my eyeshadow crayons. They are so incredible but I forget about them. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Velvet Orchid and Beyond Gold are gorgeous! Adding them to my wishlist :)

  5. Oh....Bare Instinct. Need to try.