Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Suqqu Blend Color Eyeshadow #5 Sakurakaba +

So I finally got my hands on a Suqqu quad...and a fellow blogger An Aura, Chic, Beauty has convinced me to get a Suqqu quad. We all know how we feel about warm colors, so I decided to make my first quad one I normally wouldn't wear (a warm one). Thankfully I have insanely hot lady (who loves red lipstick as much, if not more than myself) who did me the favor of getting this eyeshadow quad for me. So let's discuss ...

Packaging: sleek shiny black packaging. The latch snaps shut...I normally don't do palettes so I can only compare to what I have. You're supposed to push this button for the palette to open. Ok that's fine. So the latch when kept shut, it's not difficult to open the quad by just lifting the lid on its own (you're not supposed to open it by just lifting the lid on its own). It's not a big deal, but just something to be noted.

What's inside? Ok this is a big win for me: it comes with this CUTE and FUNCTIONAL double ended eyeshadow brush and a double ended sponge brush. The eyeshadow brushes are so soft and a very nice quality. My biggest pet peeve when I see eyeshadow quads/quints: the stupid sponge applicator because for the most part it's useless, whereas the brush and this sponge applicator you can actually use them. I know small brushes aren't a replacement for your full sized ones, but for someone on the go like me, these brushes will be great when you're in a pinch/bind. 

Colors: Ok this is the fun part -- at first I didn't quite understand the appeal. But when applied the colors are so glorious on your lids. It's definitely a soft glow of color on your eyes. I wouldn't consider these bold, vibrant colors. I know the soft look isn't for everyone and I'm slowly appreciating the beauty of a subtle look. The colors consist of a shimmery pinky champagne (which has got to be my favorite one, but the hardest to photograph *sad*), a medium warmer gold, the pale white shade acts as a primer (it really only evens out my lids), and a pretty chocolate brown.The colors themselves aren't unique per se, but what makes them stand out are their ... (read on)

Texture(s): they are so buttery soft and refined, so soft that it almost feels like a cream in your hands. It's magical, insanely magical. I will say the medium brown shade is pretty, but I was expecting a bit more from the matte because even though it's soft, and the application is easier than most mattes, but it's a bit subpar in comparison to Shu Uemura mattes since they apply on easier. Overall a win for me.

Price and size: 45 GBP (around $73), 0.22 oz or 6.5 grams

Where it's sold: At Selfridges in the UK, Thailand and of course Japan :)

Is it worth having?: #5 is not a crazy warm palette so I can get away with the colors, so I think it's worth it. :) Plus there's nothing more rewarding than a luxury eyeshadow palette that's so well thought out (color wise and brushes).

colors clockwise from upper left hand corner.
(with flash)

you can see the pinky-champagne highlight shade. It's magical.

no flash

isn't this brush CUTE !?!?!

The sponge applicator

Backside of the palette. 

Back of the box -- ingredients

Back of the box -- I can't read this but I hope this makes sense to someone.


  1. Beautiful! You have exquisite taste!

  2. It's gorgeous! Thanks so much for the post, suqqu swatches are so hard to find. I can't decide which quads to get first >.<

  3. This one looks like something I would love

  4. I'm glad you're happy with the palette! And thanks for mentioning my blog lol. :D

  5. the day I visit any of these countries I'm not leaving without some Suqqu

  6. That's lovely! You are so right about that brush. It looks like great quality and actually USABLE!

  7. OH GAWD, I neeeed it :D
    Looks gorgeous boo!

  8. That is just beautiful! Makes me drool!

  9. thanks everyone :) and Glamour Girl I give respect where it's due. your review really sealed the deal for me :)

  10. They all look like gorgeous colours, but the pinky-champagne and matte brown look particularly pretty! The texture sounds pretty amazing too and the mini brush looks fab!

  11. I never get tired of neutrals. Great palette!